Libra Horoscope for March 2023

Libra Horoscope for March 2023

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This is a month with a significant degree of relationship focus, Libra, due to your ruler, Venus, entering your opposite sign in the timing of the recent Pisces New Moon. You are seeking to be useful to others as you pursue your own developmental agenda. There are also likely to be surprise events and revelations in the partnership context, leading to intuitional wisdom. You might encounter a huge emphasis as well on delving down within your psyche as you discover through introspective meditation where your deepest values lie. It is possible that a species of inner wounding might arise in your dealing with important partners, and if so, lead you to an improved understanding and the foundation for healing these issues. The March 7th Full Moon in your sector of unconscious process, dream imagination, and inner work emphasizes all of the above, while the potent Quarter Moon that follows a week later, on the 14th, brings a sense of service and of spiritually motivated shift in world view. When the Aries New Moon hits on March 21st this brings partners even more fully into the picture of your own evolutionary development as you reach for your most authentic self.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The New Moon in Pisces from February 19th and 20th signaled the beginning of a cycle for things pertaining to your health and your routine. Time management could also be an important factor this month as you try to finalize ongoing projects. Travel, education, teaching, and publishing should be highlighted in some ways but you may have to contend with a lot of minor details before you can get the results that you want. Partnerships might play an important role in your success at this time and finding the right people to collaborate with or to help you support your work can make all the difference. There could be important agreements or negotiations in the works that might help you advance professionally. However, much of this month could be spent refining a vision before it is ready to be birthed into the world.

The month of March opens , from the 1st to the 3rd,under the auspices of Venus, your ruler, in your opposite sign of Aries, plus Jupiter, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, forming a rather amazing triple conjunction. Jupiter and Venus are very visible in the Western skies just after sunset. This conjunction occurs in the part of your chart that relates to your partnerships and could bring important perspectives on recent relational developments. What you require from others in your life could be changing, and with discernment and perception yield a healing influence, thanks to Chiron transiting with Venus and Jupiter during this first week of March. You could feel hopeful and grounded for your relationships and with the people who are there to support you with a dominant factor of relative ease and pleasant exchanges.

Mercury’s entry into Pisces on the 2nd brings an even greater emphasis on work, health, routine and organizational matters and you could find yourself preoccupied with problem-solving more than anything else.

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 7th illuminates the part of your chart that relates to introspection, dream imagination, and inner work; There is productivity to be discovered in what you like to do when you are alone. You may need some quiet time and solitude around this Full Moon to sort out your processes and figure out your ideas. You could be working on a project or have a particular vision in mind yet you can find yourself fussing over the details which could be slowing you down. You may have to guard against being overly critical or hard on yourself if you want to make good progress at this time.

Saturn enters Pisces a few hours after the Full Moon and will spend the next two years emphasizing the part of your chart that relates to your habits, your routine, and your health and may increasingly demand that you establish better patterns in those areas of your life in the following years.

Venus in your opposite sign of Aries forms a sextile with Mars in Gemini from the 9th through the 12th which may bring positive developments and learning opportunities. Mars also forms a square with Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces during the third week of March, centering on the 14th, which could blur the lines between reality and fantasy or make it harder to know where things are heading.

From the 15th through the 17th, Venus in Aries forms a square with Pluto in Capricorn before entering her home sign of Taurus, which might bring up tension at home or in a partnership. Venus’s transit through the sign of Taurus in the following weeks may bring up topics related to the contracts or the agreements you have with others and what is expected from you.

The emphasis may turn even more towards partnerships as Mercury enters Aries on the 18th and the Sun follows suit on the 20th which also brings the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

The New Moon in Aries takes place on March 21st , bringing the beginning of a new cycle for relationships, some of which may be professional in nature. You could expect important negotiations, and momentum, to take place over the following weeks that could involve as well career advancements and depth exploration of your most sincere values. Transformation of the impact of the key relationships in your life may well follow.

Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd. leaving the sign of Capricorn where it has been transiting since 2008, and the effect of this historic shift might be subtle in its effects at least at first, relating to your creativity, your children, and your self-expression. All of these area are up for significant transformation in the coming months, and any weaknesses there will be revealed and perhaps altered over this extended time period. Important metamorphosis and renewal is afoot. Pluto will sojourn in Aquarius for the next 20 years.

Mars enters Cancer on the 25th which brings a dynamic influence for your ambitions and your public persona. Mars forms a supportive trine with Saturn in Pisces on the last few days of the month which may bring possible progress or even success after a period of hard work.

During the final week of March, there is a dynamic First Quarter Moon in your vocational sector taking place on the 28th, featuring depth researches into the connection between partnership and career as well as issues of identity and inner values. You can expect things to get a lot more dynamic at the end of the month especially when it comes to your public statement.

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