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The powerful engine behind our desktop software, re-imagined to provide accurate calculations on the fly.

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Free astrology iphone app
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The award-winning astrology program is now available as a free app! Astrology is more accessible and social than ever before.
  • Detailed interpretations of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs
  • Daily horoscopes personalized by your birth data
  • Up to the minute current astrology
  • Expansive glossary teaches you astrology
  • Create charts for you and your friends at only 99¢ each

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TimePassages Pro astrology iPhone app
TimePassages Pro

The powerful engine behind our desktop software, re-imagined to provide accurate calculations on the fly.
  • All the features available in the free app, plus:
  • Unlimited birth charts, comparison charts, transit charts, progressed charts, and solar arc progressions
  • Every possible planetary position & aspect fully interpreted
  • New Compatibility Meter helps discover unique chemistry
  • Advanced features and settings

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Current Astrology

Up to the minute chart of the current astrology is a finger tap away. All planetary body positions and aspects are listed by priority, each given a full interpretation.

Using your phone's GPS, the app can optionally center the chart on your current position. Moon phases and upcoming Mercury retrograde periods are placed on the home screen for easy reference.

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My Astrology

Enter your birth information and the app instantly generates your astrological data on your own profile screen. Add a photo from your camera roll or take a picture.

Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign are a finger tap away, with detailed descriptions. Instantly access your birth chart, daily horoscope, transits, and progressions.

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Daily Horoscope

Read accurate & insightful personalized horoscopes every day. Unlike most horoscopes, ours are generated specifically for your unique birth chart.

Provides the most accurate reading possible using the current day's transits and organizes them into short-term and long-term influences. Uses the same acclaimed interpretations that people love from our desktop software.

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Birth Charts

With your birth information, the app quickly creates a professional and beautiful birth chart displaying the zodiac, planetary bodies, houses and aspects. Use pinch zooming to examine each feature.

Click on the Planets tab to read insightful interpretations of each feature. The app contains over 2,500 paragraphs of interpretations for every possible planetary configuration, including Chiron. Birth chart analysis also displays how close each aspect is, in terms of degrees.

Compare your birth chart to the current transits or progressions in a bi-wheel. Provides date ranges for each transit so you can find windows of opportunity.

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TimePassages Mobile makes it easier than ever to share astrology in social occasions. Create a profile for a friend, take a picture of them on the fly, and enjoy. Just like your own profile, you can see you friends' planets, signs, charts, and daily horoscope.

Categorize profiles into friends, family, clients, or specific events. Compare charts with a comparison wheel and our new Compatibility Meter to score the relationship between any two profiles. TimePassages also syncs with your Mail app so you can email any chart created.

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Compatibility Meter

Discover the unique chemistry between any two people with our new Compatibility Meter. Find out your potentials in romance, money, career support, communication and more. Complete with the comparison bi-wheel chart and list of fully interpreted aspects. Designed to work with all types of relationships so you can compare with friends, family, lovers, and co-workers.

You can also view the comparison wheel for the two profiles and analyze your important aspects, prioritized by their strength in your relationship.

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And More

In-depth glossary of zodiac signs, planetary bodies, moon phases and other astrological terms.

Optionally include parallel and contra-parallel aspects to natal positions.

Review previous transit data associated with each chart.

And much more!

"TimePassages Pro is a breakthrough in astrology apps. It's technically advanced enough to satisfy a professional astrologer while packed with interpretations that are perfect for students and astrology fans."

Jeff Jawer, Astrologer