Libra Horoscope for April 2023

Libra Horoscope for April 2023

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This is another month where your relationships and business partnerships count for quite a lot, Libra. In the recent Equinox New Moon that continues to inform this month’s astrology, your orientation extends another month in that direction because supported by a significant stellium in your opposite sign of Aries. The Full Moon in your sign takes place on April 5th, and additionally to issues of self and other, supports deep intuitional investigations into mystical realities underlying your more conscious choices, as applying to inner work for relationship issues and also your own self-development. You might find yourself wrestling with complexities arising from early childhood wounding, and if so, you have the tools to deal with these as part of your intention to more fully explore the deeper principles and values that drive you. The Solar Eclipse of April 19th makes for another significant juncture, when the presence of Pluto, transformational planet of depth and consequence, in your creativity sector, implies that your means and methods of self-expression could be dramatically shifting in the course of this monthly cycle. This is affecting as well your sense of who at base you really are. The Mercury Retrograde period that is initiated on April 21st and the weeks leading up to that, represents an introspective period of time intensifying your investigations of all that you hold inside.

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The very potent recent Aries New Moon from March 21st took place in your seventh or partnership sector, with an Aries stellium of six planets, which continue to affect you with a strong sense of new beginnings as far as your key relationships. Due to that New Moon being directly influenced by Mars and Pluto, this lunation cycle could bring up power struggles related to your sense of independence – either in your career or in a relationship – lasting into mid-April and beyond. The lesson for you at this time might be to stand up for what you believe in and not agree to anything just for the sake of keeping the peace. And what results can teach you a lot about yourself and others in the process.

On April 3rd, Mercury ingresses into Taurus, bringing a slower and more grounded approach to how you think and function, especially in matters related to your personal finances and partnership agreements. This could be a wonderful time to assimilate your entire financial situation, including updating your living will and/or helping a loved one update theirs. The theme of assessing resources, either yours or someone else’s, might color the entire month of April for you. And in this timing of Mercury’s placement in your eighth sector of intimate connection along with its aspect to Pluto, you may experience situations that force you to seriously consider whatever valuable legacy you envision yourself creating from here.

The Full Moon lands in your sign, corresponding to your sector of identity and interaction, on the late evening of April 5th, with the Sun closely conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which is also near Jupiter and in aspect to Trickster Uranus. This is a vivid, intuitively engaging, and also somewhat confronting combination. With Chiron is conjunct the Sun, issues of inner wounding could arise, possibly associated with self-worth issues cropping up. The recommendation is that you attempt to befriend the los and hurt child that you might be able to detect within you. The results of doing this can bring tremendous healing and liberation from psychological and emotional blockages that have been in place for a long time, which in turn will undoubtedly improve your sense of self, integration within you, and as well the relationships in your life.

Venus, your ruler, moves into Gemini late on April 10th, making a trine to Pluto in Aquarius. This can inspire you to make more sense of life and the world around you through seeking higher knowledge and more transformative means of expressing yourself. When we find greater meaning and understanding in our world, it can empower us to be more confident and noticeable, which is how this transit can influence us. It is also a wonderful time to travel with friends or a loved one to experience other cultures, thus transforming the ways in which you have fun in life. The Sun joins Jupiter in Aries in your relationship sector on the same day, beckoning you to play outside and be active with a loved one or close friend.

As Mercury begins its early shadow period on April 7th, in Taurus, ahead of its upcoming retrograde cycle, be mindful that anything happening between now and mid- to late May is likely going to need to be revisited during the last part of May and into June after Mercury is actually retrograde (April 21-May 14) and then recovering (May 15-May 31). This placement brings a pragmatic focus to your mind, so it is possible that you will be spending these next seven weeks assessing and refining your financial situation in order to stabilize and sustain your valuable resources. Because Mercury is in your sector of deep emotions and personal transformation right through this retrograde period, you could also be spending a good deal of time processing inner work in general, along with potential grief you might have experienced in recent years. If so, it would of course be good to express these emotions with someone close to you who can understand what you’re going through and help you navigate your path forward into a brighter future.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on the late evening of April 19th takes place in the final degree of Aries, your opposite sign, and right on the very edge of Taurus. This corresponds to your relationship sector, and also that of intimacy. This New Moon also closely squares transformational Pluto, reminding you of ongoing transformation intention of this entire month, perhaps as a reflection upon recent modifications or improvements to your close and intimate relationships. These reflections may also help you embrace your sense of independence and freedom within those relationships. Any intentions to stand up for your own identity within your relationships might be worth acting upon today.

The Sun and Moon both enter Taurus subsequent to the eclipse. So much of what you value in life may be transforming to better align with your ideals and hopes for the future. Digging to the roots of your tree of values can help expose the motivations behind them, thus imparting a deeper understanding of why you cherish what you are committed to securing and sustaining. It’s important during times like these to better educate yourself on how to protect the assets that provide for yourself and your loved ones so you can be a more conscious sentinel of your treasure vault.

The Mercury Retrograde period of time that begins most intensely at Mercury’s station on April 21st is good for reflective meditation and examining your true situation. It is not a great time to attempt to ‘push the river’ or make unexpected decisions around trying to stabilize anything that seems chaotic or out of control. You are likely to find yourself reconsidering certain choices you made; and these may no longer seem viable, in your current state of awareness. You are also introspectively examining what of yourself you can trust moving forward. A reexamination of your core principles and values can help align you with your deepest authenticity. The universe is ultimately on your side, so that you can trust in the revelations that are uncovered from within and that will guide you through everything you need as you evolve.

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