Taurus Horoscope for August 2019

Taurus Horoscope for August 2019

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You are in for another quite interesting month, Taurus, in the aftermath of the eclipses of July. The strangeness of the past few weeks continues, and it is a time of unexpected enlightenment right from the very beginning of August. Trickster Uranus, highlighted, and continuously residing in your sign since March, represents a departure from any preconceived norm. This can surface as a disruption of your pre-existing world, and therefore might be something you resist, and yet that very shake-up is also quite valuable in allowing you freedom from past patterns that could have been holding you back. Your ideas of worldview, career choices, and the values that you cherish continue to shift throughout this month, as interior understanding is facilitated by your relationships, and as you strive for greater intimacy with yourself as well as with important partners. You are in an idealistic mode of seeking to better balance inner and outer, while coming to a more fully integrated set of action items going forward.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

August begins right on the heels of a New Moon in Leo in your fourth house of home, family, and property, just as the Sun, Moon, and your ruling planet Venus, in Leo, is also making a square to Uranus in Taurus in your first house (perfecting on August 1st). It’s a time of exciting personal transformation in the weeks ahead and its directly related to your home or living situation, your parents, or family karma in general. Watch for these changes to grow and blossom as the month progresses.

Late on July 31st, also, or early Thursday, August 1st, Mercury will also turn direct in Cancer in your third house after several weeks of being retrograde. Watch for a positive turn of events, or a time of recovery or improvement related to travel, home, family, siblings, and your local environment. If anything in your immediate environment has been giving you grief, especially issues related to technology, travel, and communication, expect an overall improvement from this point forward.

Between August 5th and the 8th, the Sun and Venus in Leo in your fourth house of home and family will make trines to Jupiter in Sagittarius in your eighth house. If you’re in a relationship, your spouse or partner might be making more money, receiving a windfall, making a big purchase, or contributing positively in some way to your home or finances. On the other hand, it’s also a great time to find support and help in the home or from family.

On August 11th, Mercury will enter Leo in your fourth house, just as Uranus is turning retrograde in your first house and home sign of Taurus, and just as Jupiter in your eighth house is finally turning direct. Given that the Moon is also going to be conjoining Saturn in Capricorn in your ninth house of the higher mind, it’s likely that you will be moving into a period of deep contemplation about your future, about guiding principles and beliefs. You may also be starting to recover from a period of personal upheaval and will now be looking to integrate the transformations you’ve been through since Uranus entered Taurus again last March.

Between August 13th and 14th, your ruling planet Venus will be cazimi with the Sun in Leo in your fourth house of home and family, pointing to a very powerful moment of personal empowerment, joy, happiness, and even love or harmony in relation to the home, property, parents, and family or ancestral karma. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Taureans getting married, buying or selling property, celebrating the birth of a child, moving, or receiving a very deep level of blessing or support right now!

On August 15th, the Full Moon in Aquarius will then fall in your tenth house of career, just as Mercury in Leo will also square Uranus in Taurus. This Moon cycle is really delivering a powerful theme of personal breakthrough and change, relative to both work and home or family relationships. Don’t be surprised if you receive some unexpected news, or if you are suddenly inspired to make a bold decision at work or at home.

On August 18th, Mars will then enter Virgo and move into your fifth house of joy, children, and creativity for the month ahead, perhaps presenting you with the desire to perfect or hone a craft or creative skill. This transit may point to a series of challenges with your children, perhaps with their health or behavior, but it may also point to the need to be kinder or less critical, and more joyful, or childlike, in a general way.

Between August 23rd and 25th, your ruling planet, Venus, will conjoin Mars in the sign of Virgo in the fifth house, suggesting that sexual or creative tension might be high, or that you might be joining together with others to perfect a project, to make something, or for the sake of fun and recreation. Be careful of the tendency to try control or perfect outcomes or results, as you may be prone to a little bit of rigidity right now.

Finally, on August 30th, the New Moon in Virgo will also fall in your fifth house, along with a stellium that includes Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Venus, and Mars. The Moon cycle ahead is thus continuing to place a dramatic emphasis on the topics of creativity, children, good fortune, joy, and even romance. Given the loose T-square that is also being created to Neptune in Pisces in your eleventh house of friends, and Jupiter in your eighth house of other people’s resources, it would appear that you are poised to receive a wave of creative support right now, which may start to take you in a direction that is totally unexpected, and likely very inspiring!

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