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Sagittarius Horoscope for December 2018

Sagittarius Horoscope for December 2018

Posted on in Sagittarius |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This month continues your joyous birthday season, Sagittarius, although with a twist to the inside. Jupiter in your sign has been a soothing presence and a source of optimism, especially if born in November. You are also feeling the pull of Neptune, strongly configured as well this month, implying that the associated mystical sense of dream realities surpasses more normative attitudes and logical or conventional thinking. As you meditate on future plans, you are feeling sure that they contain a strong spiritual component, and that you must dedicate yourself to acting upon your deepest and most sincere beliefs and values. You are drawn to issues relating to the very core of your personality, and to unconscious process, including your home scene, inter-familial relationships, and how to integrate issues stemming from your family of origin. You have been feeling your way forward through the recent retrogrades, and are coming to the inescapable conclusion that the way down and the way through are one and the same.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month begins on the heels of Venus’ opposition to Uranus in Aries, which took place on November 30th, and fell across your eleventh and fifth house axis. This transit tones the start of the month and is likely sending shockwaves through your relationships and social circles, or within groups or organizations you belong to thanks to the disruptive qualities of Uranus. Themes of independence, originality, freedom, and creative innovation are also in the spotlight to start the month.

Meanwhile, all month long your home sign and house is emphasized with a long series of transits taking place in Sagittarius. Additionally, several squares from planets in Sagittarius to Mars and Neptune in Pisces in your fourth house will also be taking place this month, bringing questions of personal identity, health, character, and life-direction (1st house) into an intense dialogue with the topics of home, family, parents, and property (4th house).

On December 2nd, the Sun in Sagittarius in your first house will square Mars in Pisces in your fourth house. You might be called upon to make a great personal sacrifice or to become the personal hero to one of your parents or to your family members. However, you should be careful that you do not lose or deplete yourself in the process. This is also a good transit for general productivity, but with Mars in the fourth house, in a water sign, don’t be surprised if hidden resources come bubbling up to support you right now, making the work a little lighter or more fluid and effortless.

Late evening on December 6th, continuing into the next day, the New Moon in your sign in your first house will square the Mars/Neptune conjunction taking place in Pisces in your fourth house. You are pressing the reset button this month, and it makes perfect sense. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has just entered your home sign last month, and it is bringing an aura of confidence, growth, and newness to every area of your life. This applies to the entire thirty-day lunation cycle. In order to capitalize on the energy and excitement, you must act, and right now the challenge to acting might be coming from ties that you have to the past, to family, or to your deepest and perhaps most unrecognized emotional needs. In order to move into this new version of yourself, you need to be honest with yourself or you could easily become a martyr to a cause that really isn’t your own.

On December 20th, the Sun in your home sign of Sagittarius will make a trine to Uranus in Aries in your fifth house, signaling the need to individuate, to express, to break free, to assert yourself, and to ride a wave of enthusiasm and activation toward greater self-expression. This is a little “Carpe Diem” window in a month that could otherwise be perpetually challenged by the fog of Mars and Neptune in your fourth house, so be sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to clarify your intentions and move forward with courage and joyfulness!

On December 21st, Mercury will conjoin Jupiter in Sagittarius in your first house, creating an aura of bold, intelligent, and vocal self-expressiveness. You may easily take the role as a leader right now, or you may feel the need to speak up or make your thoughts and ideas known more publicly. Whatever the case might be, you should be careful of grandiosity, pride or self-righteousness, as this transit can indicate mental pride or arrogance, as well.

On December 24th, Mercury in Sagittarius will then square Neptune in Pisces in your fourth house, bringing last month’s Mercury Retrograde full circle, back to the place it got started. You’ve been through a process in the past month related to your relationships and your roots. Mercury is the ruler of your seventh house of relationships, and being retrograde in your first house, with an ongoing square to Neptune, you’ve been thinking very deeply about what you can and cannot provide, or what others can and cannot provide for you in relationships. It’s complicated when there are also deep emotions, history, and hurts involved, but right now it’s very important that you carefully discern the facts from the fantasies in order to move forward in the best way possible for everyone.

Other transits to think about this month include the Winter Solstice on December 21st and the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd. These transits fall across your second and eighth houses, bringing up issues of finances and resources, as well as issues related to your values and the values or resources of those you are in relationship with. These two transits are also foreshadowing an upcoming year of eclipses that will be taking place in the same signs and houses, which will bring a tremendous emphasis to these themes in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned for more on this next month!

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