A Taurus Lunar Eclipse of Embodied Wisdom

A Taurus Lunar Eclipse of Embodied Wisdom

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The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon that graces our skies on Saturday, October 28th, reaching its precise alignment at 1:24 pm PT, marks a catalyst for significant change. Eclipses, by their very nature, provide these kinds of pivotal moments, and can have the power to illuminate the hidden facets of our lives. In the eclipse timing, the Moon will be positioned at 5º Taurus, directly opposite the Sun in Scorpio, creating a powerful contrast along this axis of fixed modality. Taurus, the Fixed Sign that has its focus on sensual pleasures and earthly connections, symbolizes the vibrant rebirth of life in Spring, while the opposite Fixed Sign of Scorpio delves into profound realms within the psyche: intense emotions, the unseen, the other side, symbolized by the inexorable cycle of decay when Autumn descends into Winter. In this specific configuration, several other significant planetary archetypes converge along this axis, underscoring its significance.
This pronounced emphasis on the Taurus-Scorpio axis raises our awareness of how we might be able to navigate the perpetual ebb and flow of change and growth in our lives, urging us to embrace our evolution while recognizing and tending to the underlying patterns that could on the other hand hinder our progress. It’s important to note that this eclipse marks the culmination of a series of events along Taurus-Scorpio since November 2021. This encourages us to reflect on the events of the past few years and how our current dynamics are a continuation of this same cosmic unfolding.
Delving into the particulars of this eclipse configuration, we find the Moon in her “exalted” condition in Taurus, where her gentle and nurturing nature allows us to see ourselves as immersed in comfort, joy, and stability, feeling safe and at ease. In stark contrast to this feeling of comfort, the Sun in Scorpio shines his light on corners of awareness that often remain in the shadows, thus revealing the depths of our own inner workings and emotions. This emphasis on the Taurus-Scorpio axis invites us to cultivate a unique somatic awareness, exploring how our physicality is intertwined with the less tangible dimensions of our thoughts, emotions, and subtle energy. You may wish to take stock of your current relationship to change – do you tend to procrastinate on needful action, wallowing in the comfort of the familiar? Or do you plunge ahead recklessly relishing the rush of experiencing the new? Or you might allow yourself some combination of moments of easy pleasure along with pushing your edges. We all have different relationships to change, and styles of navigating transition. This eclipse invites you to feel into where your behavior is coming from a place of conscious choice, or else where you are perhaps acting from ingrained habit in a way that isn’t truly serving you.
Along this same Taurus-Scorpio axis, there is on Saturday as well a powerful Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio that is almost exactly opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Mercury and Mars in Scorpio can manifest as sharp communication, deep exploration of underlying issues, heightened tempers, and the need to tap into our inner warrior to make challenging decisions. Jupiter, in opposition, magnifies these effects, particularly in the physical and tangible realms, potentially manifesting as bodily sensations or reflective experiences in our physical surroundings. This active opposition encourages us to exercise agency, clarity, and choice when confronting challenging issues or recurring patterns, urging us to harness our inner strength and wisdom to live in alignment with our truth, our values, and our overarching life-philosophy.
We also find a critical dimension of this eclipse configuration in Virgo placements. Juno lies in Virgo, forming a close trine with the Moon degree, and thus is sextile with the Sun. Juno serves as a poignant reminder of our deep relationships, such as committed partnership, and what we hold most sacred in our lives. We additionally encounter Venus further on in Virgo, a significant consideration because she governs the Moon in Taurus. Venus at 18° Virgo forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus and is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, highlighting this position as an essential integration point, directing our attention to relationships, where we may find ourselves emphasizing discernment and nuanced refinement. This aspect creates an opening to embrace the disruptive influence of the eclipse as valuable information for better comprehending our relationship with different aspects of ourselves. Such understanding directly influences our interactions with others. Issues that arise may require extra patience and sensitivity, and the reward is our growth as we become more aware of the parts of ourselves that need our loving attention. Seeking additional guidance from a practitioner with expertise in Parts Work, if necessary, can be invaluable during this period.
In the midst of this celestial symphony going on right now, deep listening for our essential nature and greatest expression can be our guide. May we be reminded of the profound beauty and interconnectedness of the Universe. During these very intense times for our rapidly evolving world, may we embrace our transformative cycles, honor our commitments and deepest values, not to mention our relational intelligence and our healing journeys, as we tread the path of self-discovery with intention and agency. As all of our stories are being continually woven into the tapestry of humanity, may we each be supported in our embodied wisdom, and in our capacity to be with the great paradoxical mysteries of life itself.

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