A New Moon Eclipse of Transformation and Realization

A New Moon Eclipse of Transformation and Realization

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Saturday morning’s Solar Eclipse in Libra, taking place at 10:55 am PT, later in the day for the east coast and Europe, is a very special lunation. Not only is this New Moon an eclipse, with effects that are said to last six months, but there is a remarkable presence of Eris, Feminine Warrior for soul intention, that goes to depth within the psyche, just as Pluto does, and that encourages us to find our deepest values and act upon these as we make our way forward. Transformational Pluto has been featured in recent New Moon configurations, and in this case is square to Mars, and to Haumea, the new 21st century Nature planet that also speaks to inner moral compass. Of course, it need not be said that these are extremely difficult times on planet Earth, with two unrelentingly ugly wars now that have no easy resolution in sight. More than ever, we need to find within ourselves the courage, and moreover the faith in the Universe, in ourselves, and in our process, to go on. Another planetary archetype, that of the Trickster, Uranus, has also been extremely prominent in recent New Moon configurations, and is in this case as well, being in a close quincunx aspect to the Sun and Moon. The relevance to this fall period is that unexpected events are in the works, as we tragically saw last weekend, and yet also the potential for innovative solutions to arise to meet the new challenges. As Einstein famously remarked, we cannot solve whatever problem we face by the same assumptions that got us into it in the first place; so that it is high time for novel approaches to what we are dealing with as a global society.

As a clue to where we can get to, both individually and also collectively, these new planets beyond Pluto have no doubt come along at the right time for us to begin to recognize certain ideas about ourselves and our world. And these depth archetypes are especially featured in this extra-potent New Moon event. Eris represents, as mentioned above, finding what you uniquely bring to the party from deep inside yourself, and then locating as well the courage to stick to that, independent of distractions such as early conditioning or consensus thought-forms. Haumea represents profound connection with Nature, along with the recognition that this nature link is vitally important, plus promoting fair treatment and telling the truth. In this sense the planet partakes of internal psychological archetypes such as those that were identified by C. G. Jung – such as the Wise Old Man, the Anima or feminine Spirit, and the masculine Warrior. We are all, especially in our inner subjectivity, part of Nature, and we so we must try to do our best to work with Her. Makemake similarly represents profound connection to Nature, and to environmental and social activism, in the line of actually doing something about the flaws that we can discern in a social setting that at times ignores issues of care for the Earth and basic fairness.

As far as the configuration for the October 14th eclipse, there is an opposition from the New Moon, at 21:08 Libra, to Eris at 24 Aries and Chiron at 17. More to the point, the Chiron/ Eris midpoint is… 21:08 Aries, so that there is a partile opposition, to the minute, between this midpoint and the eclipse degree. This brings up the question of Eris in combination with Chiron, with both of these modern Western archetypes going to depth within the psyche. In natal charts, Eris in conjunction with Chiron typically brings a depth of emotional vision and sensitivity to the person, so that they pay close attention to feelings arising from these deeper layers, in themselves and with respect to others. Chiron, the archetype of The Wounded Healer, represents inner wounding, the result of unresolved early childhood trauma, and the potential for the healing of such issues. Their combination, so greatly highlighted in this eclipse configuration, represents an opportunity to find your way forward in spite of, and even with the aid of, your own internal wounding.

Haumea is also greatly highlighted in this New Moon, as it has been in the past several, all the way back to February, in this case being conjunct Mars while also square to a recently stationing Pluto, standing almost dead still in the sky since October 10th. Haumea, at 0 Scorpio, is also partile trine to Saturn at 0 Pisces, further heightening her presence. Makemake was highlighted in the recent Aries Full Moon, at 6 degrees, that took place just before the October month began, and in this eclipse configuration, while not very much aspected, is part of a line-up of five points in Libra, counting the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and the South Lunar Node.

Trickster Uranus is also greatly highlighted now, as he was in the previous two months, emphasizing surprise events, unexpected illumination, and inner knowing. In Taurus, the effect of Uranus is to show us new facets of practical earthy life factors: our values, our resources that we bring to the table, and potentially our finances. Uranus is also semi-sextile to that same Chiron/ Eris midpoint, bring intuitional information to bear on the issue of how best to integrate our internal flaws as we proceed along our destined path.

All in all, this Solar Eclipse New Moon presents us with a great deal of ammunition, if we are willing to use it, for finding our most authentic self as we move forward. There are likely to be events that trigger us in one way or another, bringing up important internal issues, and we do best to quietly take these in, meditate upon them, and try to find the true meaning of these in terms of our evolutionary growth and what fosters it. In the way of the world, we also might miss out on these or other significant guideposts along our path; if we do, not to worry, the message is likely to repeat.

Blessings upon each of our individual journeys as we find the way to actualize the light that is within us!

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