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A Full Moon of Bridging the Spiritual and the Mundane

A Full Moon of Bridging the Spiritual and the Mundane

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The Moon ripens to fullness September 13th at 9:33pm pacific time, at 21º+ of Pisces. This Full Moon follows the New Moon in Virgo, and brings to fruition those themes that have been at play all September, since that time. The Full Moon phase is in any case a time of culmination and ripening regarding whatever issues or energies were bubbling up in the seedtime of the cycle. Because the Virgo-Pisces axis is activated, we may see our awareness heightened around the ideas of bridging the mundane and the transcendental; the nitty gritty practical details combined with the broader strokes of imagination and vision. Near the Moon’s Pisces placement we also find Neptune, and this lends a dreamy and ethereal quality to this particular lunation. With Neptune so strongly placed, we may experience his influence in a multitude of expressions. In one way Neptune lends us eyes for divine compassion, love, hope and faith. In another, our vision can become clouded, confused, or anxious in the face of the Great Unknown. As such, this Full Moon could be a beautiful time to reflect, meditate, and connect with the Divine in whatever way feels alive and right for you, and to find and identify ways that your experience of the spiritual can be woven into the everyday moments of your life. This Full Moon time may act as a potent barometer to gauge where in your life you’re feeling clear, connected, and supported energetically, and where you might be feeling confused, scarce, anxious, or fearful. You do well to simply observe the patterns at play, and treat them with loving kindness and acceptance, intending the best for your growth and development, especially where you can see the possibility that transformation is in order.

We continue to have a parade of personal planets making their way diligently through Virgo — the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus have all been there since the beginning of September, providing a lot of supportive energy to tend to our home spaces, our health, cleaning up, clearing out, and finding practical solutions. It is also true that in a less tangible sense, Virgo energy helps us discern and sort that which is of use and/or in alignment, from that which is not – be that in our habits, beliefs, attitudes, relational patterns, inner dialogues, etc. As these inner planets continue through the last degrees of Virgo and then exit toward the end of the month, you may wish to really utilize this time to find anchoring in your spiritual truth and core values, and see what in your life does or does not match up with that. This is not necessarily a tidy or linear process, but one that percolates and meanders through awareness over time, with an organic knowing emerging around making choices about your life’s path. Also, with Neptune exactly opposite Mars at this Full Moon, we may feel a strong motivation to make choices, yet quite challenged in becoming clear on how exactly to move forward or take action. You benefit from choosing to be honest, methodical, and practical, but also diffuse and gentle, allowing yourself to leave room for the mystery of synchronicity to guide you as you find your way. The invitation is to have faith in your process for the paradox of claiming your sovereignty and free will WHILE simultaneously surrendering yourself to be danced by divine intelligence.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon point our awareness to collective state(s) of being. The Moon at the 22nd degree of Pisces is ‘A man bringing down the new law from Sinai.’ This represents the shared spiritual ideals and aspirations that are foundational to the well being of humans in society, and when in positive expression a determination for all beings to be uplifted. When negatively expressed, it points to “self-exploitation and impenetrable egotism.” Perhaps we all might do well to explore where in our own personhood we adopt not only the attitudes, but also the actions and embodiment of uplifting others, as well as where we are exhibiting behaviors that are only in our self-interest regardless of the cost. For the Sun at the same degree of Virgo the symbol is ‘A royal coat of arms,’ representing the collective agreements and customs by which we conduct ourselves. When in positive expression, this symbol speaks of unifying people for a common purpose, and when negative, the exploitation of those who are unaware of potential dangers. Either way this symbol lands it seems to be a reflection of the times in which we live. It is clear that we are in dire need of collecting ourselves behind a common purpose if humanity is going to continue to sustain itself on our lovely planet with its limited resources, and equally clear that we as a global population really need to cultivate understanding and become more vigilant about what we participate in - with our votes, our dollars, and our attention. May we collectively and individually envision and apply brilliant ways of being that are in harmony with the natural order, and in service to the upliftment of all.

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