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A Libra New Moon of Connection & Evolutionary Unfolding

A Libra New Moon of Connection & Evolutionary Unfolding

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The New Moon in Libra, coming to exact on Saturday, Sept 28th at 11:26 am Pacific time, arrives on the autumn breeze with potentials for connection, healing, and unexpected awakenings and revelations. This New Moon, at 5 + degrees of the Cardinal Air sign of Libra, is precisely inconjunct to Uranus, the Awakener, the energy that astrologer Jeff Green called “freedom from the known.” The New Moon phase in general marks the beginning of a new 30-day Lunar Synodic Cycle, which provides opportunity to pause, open our awareness, and see what wishes to emerge in our path over the next thirty days. This coming month’s alignments promise surprise, unexpected enlightenment, good fortune, and also strict adherence to reality rules that might have the effect of showing us our limitations. With Saturn the lessons are also long lasting. The fact that this New Moon is in Libra governed by Venus shows that this configuration has much to do with human relationship, connection, seeking balance and harmony. We might find that we are seeing more clearly where we tend to fall out of alignment with our higher self. We may see the bulk of what is “up” this lunar cycle to be around new ways forward into better forms of human connection, peace, justice, and harmony.

With Chiron at 3º Aries making an opposition to the New Moon, we may feel with greater emphasis the ways in which we are challenged in the arena of relationships. Humans are hardwired for connection and community, and in our modern world we have more opportunity to be “connected” than ever, yet there is a growing trend of loneliness, isolation, and strain in human connection and community. There is much to contend with in the realms of relating – fears from childhood of abandonment, rejection, that we’re not good enough or not loveable, all come bubbling to the surface when we connect and deepen into intimacy with others. During this New Moon time, all of this sort of material may be surfacing for the process of healing and coming into the more adult stance of learning to love ourselves where we are hurting or afraid, thereby opening the door to others to love us in those places, as well.

Another facet of these relational themes comes to the fore through Venus in Libra making a square aspect with Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn. This indicates that old patterns that we thought we’d dealt with could surface in a confronting way, presenting the opportunity to address, release, and allow for something new to emerge, not only in the context of us as individuals, but in the context of all of us together as a complex and dynamic societal matrix. This powerful configuration also brings into the picture Makemake, which is in partile (same degree) conjunction to the New Moon. Makemake is a Trans-Neptunian Object, the nature of which is still being discovered, and yet appears to be representative of the human relationship with the natural world, especially the conservation and activism of speaking for and defending the Earth. The karmic and ancestral patterns that can no longer repeat themselves in the face of the evolution of consciousness and a sustainable human race are appearing with stark clarity, now. Our shadow only remains our shadow when it cannot be seen, so whatever you’re avoiding, turning to face it is your path to liberation and integration. As they say, the only way forth is through.

Speaking of liberation: because, as mentioned above, Uranus is strongly placed relative to the New Moon, this lunation chimes yet another bell in terms of collective evolution, sudden realization, and innovation in the realms of our earth, material resources, and coming to terms and reckoning with, as Greta Thunberg so aptly put it, “the fairy tale of eternal economic growth.” The structures and systems that are no longer compatible with the continuation of human life on earth will not be dismantled quietly. The crisis we could very well be facing is nothing short of catastrophic, and calls up each of our unique brilliance, innovation, and commitment to birth a new world.

Perhaps these times are asking us to become more comfortable with the paradox of channeling our free will to foster transformation, WHILE remaining connected to our spiritual heart of acceptance and connection with all that is. For as we endeavor to face the challenges both in our personal lives and in our collective world, it is too easy to forget our inherent belongingness that tethers us to an intelligence far greater than ourselves – to the community of life in which we are not separate, but one and the same. May we each remember our intrinsic interconnectedness as we endeavor to deliver ourselves through crisis into a world that is in balance and harmony with Natural Order.

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