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A Last Quarter Moon of Embodied Integration

A Last Quarter Moon of Embodied Integration

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The Last Quarter Moon of July 24, taking place at 6:18 PM on the west coast, later in the evening for points east, marks an important turning point in terms of our integration of the lessons and processes that have arisen during the intensely transformational eclipses of July. This recent Eclipse Season began with a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd, and ended with the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th, at the 24-degree mark. With the Sun in Cancer, this highlighted our ancestral heritage, capacity to nurture and be nurtured, emotional awareness, and sense of responsibility. The Moon in Capricorn last week also brought tremendous transformational energy to the equation, being conjunct Pluto and square the new planet, Eris. This week, this Last Quarter Moon takes place with the Sun newly crossed into Leo, and the Moon at 1º + of Taurus, signaling to each of us that this closing time of an exciting and changeful lunation cycle will be well spent in anchoring into our very tangible and embodied experience the spiritual lessons and growth we have been cooking up for and within ourselves. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and the Moon there helps us to find stability, access the joy of our physical body, and recall to ourselves the simple pleasures of sensory experience. Last quarter moons also signify a time of letting go after the culmination of the Full Moon phase. As you find yourself releasing that which no longer serves, consider allowing this to be a more organic and physical process, rather than one controlled by your mind or what you think should happen. This could look like taking time to relax in a hot bath and let your troubles melt away, or going to yoga class or physical exercise and allowing the stretching to help release stuck energy from your muscles. You also benefit now from deep tissue massage, dancing, Qigong, Aikido, and so on. Whatever it is, when you direct your intentionality toward an organic shedding and movement of energy, your body knows the way – so allow it to lead.

Another interesting aspect of this Last Quarter Moon is an exact conjunction between Mercury, (still in retrograde motion until July 31st) and Venus at 26º + of Cancer. Mercury Retrograde can have this element of allowing our mental awareness to re-orient in a way where we can see something in a unique light that simply wasn’t available to our perception when it is in its more normal forward motion. In this way, we can perhaps see part of our egoic nature more clearly, or find little adjustments in our ways of being as a result of the slowness and taking pause that the Mercury Retrograde induces. It is in these subtle yet profound course corrections that we can continue to refine our capacity to be in alignment and on track with ourselves and our higher purpose. Also, remembering that Venus represents our values and our ways of connecting with others, or appreciating the beauty of our earthly realm, might help us to connect to deep bodily wisdom. Venus’ influence with Mercury brings a synergy of our rational awareness with our relational and heartfelt connectivity. This invites us to share our stories with others, and for them to share with us; to be in a mutual receptivity of one another, finding ways of relating that feel true, and embodied, full of loving witness. We could find this with friends and family, or perhaps we might be called to seek this loving witness from a practitioner or healer who can really hold neutral space. In any case, it’s important to communicate our heart’s true longing and intent during this time, and to allow our hearts and minds to blend as we offer the fullness of who we are into the world.

Lastly, as we also have the Sun’s recent movement into Leo, we may find ourselves stepping one foot out of the watery emotional realms of Cancer, and dipping it into the more fiery, vibrant and creatively expressive resonance of Leo. Leo energy gives an air of permission to truly be all of who we are, and let our light shine bright as the Sun. Blending this kind of confidence and outward expression with the deep processes of internal emotionality offers us an opportunity to more boldly wear our hearts on our sleeves, and find courage to share ourselves vulnerably. As we presence, welcome, and express more fully the Truth of our essential nature, life transforms into a magical adventure that matches the multifaceted, divine, and complex beings that we are.

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