Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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This is, for you, an incredibly mystical time, Cancer, with various levels of participation that are possible depending on where you wish to take it. Much is hidden and yet much is to be revealed as long as you have the intention and know where to look. This has been a jumping-off-place for novel exploration of your friendships, group affiliations, life goals, and as well your societal contribution that is formed from these associations. This is quite a powerful time for you when your vocational aspirations are fitting themselves to your creativity and to your private inclinations toward deep-seated principles and inner moral awareness of what you uniquely feel is the right thing to do. Partnerships of all kinds are honored, especially to include the agreements that you have made with others, still evolving. The June 6th Gemini New Moon represents quite an important juncture, when the focus is intense on your own unconscious process. Your dreams provide potent guidance so that keeping a journal by your bedside could be valuable. You are greatly encouraged to travel down rather and up or out, as water naturally flows, touching the emotional depths within you rather than more worldly aspirations; your own inner moral compass being your abiding subject.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer, together with Leslie Benson. You can reach Alea at

June arrives, for you, in the waning light of the lunation cycle initiated in your sector of community and long-term goals, where sudden change and unexpected growth has been applying for who you align with and how! This Taurus cycle from last month has also expressed the promise of last April's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in this same sign, indicating a time of brilliance in terms of ideas, friendships, and social groups of your choosing. While new pathways toward the future continue to evolve, with some plans and schemes that exceed all practical possibility, with the beginning of June, Jupiter’s recent entrance into Gemini opens a different doorway to those of the last few months as the emphasis turns to your inner world of the subconscious and spirituality.

From the 1st to the 6th, also, Jupiter trines Pluto in Aquarius, corresponding to your sector of intimacy, inner exploration, and partnership agreement. All of these areas are essentially in a process of profound change, with progress that is fitful, that might show up and then subside, trending toward an unknown future stage of awareness that is peeping at you through the mist. This transformational process therefore takes place with an accelerated movement during this month’s first week.

As Mercury enters the sign of Gemini on the 3rd, this ingress further confirms the introspective shift appropriate to your sector of dream imagination, unconscious process, and inner work, forming a conjunction with Jupiter that may challenge your focus by calling your attention to many things internal, as well as outer, simultaneously. That being said, Mercury now joins in on Jupiter's ongoing trine to retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, which could also see you fixated on matters related to depth-diving into your unconscious places, plus shared resources, intimate relationships, or endings. This could stimulate aspects of your psyche or situations that may be hidden or repressed. Engage this energy through activities that evoke depth and renewal, such as taking a new approach to your creative or spiritual pursuits, listening to intense music, or psychoanalytic processes.

An unusual and long-lasting Venus cazimi in Gemini also takes place from the 3rd to the 5th, offering creative renewal and healing around love and relationships. This period calls for you to deepen your relationship with yourself and your connection to the numinous, which may promote greater self-awareness in your connections to others.

The New Moon in Gemini arrives on the 6th initiating a new cycle in your hidden realms of dreams and the unconscious. The Moon, your ruler, forms a triple conjunction with the Sun and Venus in this introspective positioning, which suggests that this lunation may eventually open to a highly creative period that could best be accessed by taking time out to be in your flow without an objective or deadline. The added presence of Mercury, ruler of the New Moon, in Gemini indicates this cycle – that uplifts your inner realms and supports your psychic and emotional wellbeing – takes on an extra oomph in this potent lunation. Perhaps you might do something special or celebratory with yourself around this time. You will likely want to be prioritizing time alone, particularly during the first half of June. Because the triple of Sun, Moon, and Venus make an aspect to the transformational energies of Pluto, in your intimacy sector, by a sesquiquadrate, there are further implications for movement in your connections with important partners.

In this New Moon also, there is a square between the Sun, Moon, and Venus to Saturn in Pisces that introduces an emerging tension applying to your sector of higher education, long-distance travel, and worldview. Perhaps you have been confronted with situations that challenge long-held beliefs or are considering the effect of your frameworks of understanding and whether they open your world up or feel restrictive.

Mars enters Taurus on the late evening of the 8th, which could see you aligning your professional or vocational energy into your social situations and as you explore your goals. This may stimulate a strong urge to free yourself from any material or energetic bond of illusion by getting in touch with your own deep understanding of your true values, or relate to the transformation of a relationship. Topics of desire and intimacy may be a focus, including new romantic interests. A square from Mars to Pluto remains in aspect till the 12th, which could imply lessons in interpersonal dynamics with considerations of how it functions and what you owe others. Mars spends approximately six weeks in a sign, so that over this next month and a half or so there could be social and collaborative connections that have a practical or creative goal in mind.

Squares from Venus and the Sun to Saturn perfect over the 7th to the 9th, reiterating challenges connected to your shifting worldview. This may call attention to the way stories you carry from the past shape your experience. You could be navigating isolation in several different ways. While it may feel threatening to your ambitions, this may be about taking on less or instilling boundaries to support work-life balance.

The First Quarter Moon takes place in Virgo on June 13th, in your sphere of the mind and local environment, and the Sun in partile or same-degree conjunction with Mercury in your sector of dream imagination and inner work. Matters related to communication and learning could get more of your attention. You could be temporarily feeling the tension between depth issues referencing hidden places within you, and more surface types of events. The Mercury- Sun close conjunction is in aspect to Trickster Uranus in your social sector with the Moon in trine. This dynamo combination also sextiles Chiron, so that painful feelings that come up can arise for a purpose and be dealt with.

Mercury moves through the heart of the Sun in Gemini on the 14th. While this could stimulate mental restlessness or habits of overthinking, your intuitive and creative intelligence may be enlivened. Whether it's automatic writing, improvising, or in your dreams, this may be an interesting time to set your rational mind aside and see what transmissions come through.

Between the 16th and the 17th, Venus and Mercury, upon crossing the threshold into your sign, square Neptune in the final degree of Pisces, your sector of higher education, long-distance travel, and worldview. Anxieties about your abilities, professional direction, and money may be emphasized at this time. While insecurities may tempt you to hide away, you develop your confidence and skills by engaging them. Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 17th, as part of this. These tensions point to your need for inspiring structures of knowledge and understanding, where a crisis in faith or disillusionment in an intellectual path or political framework may prompt a deeper search for meaning. This may zap your vitality and challenge focused mental objectives. Take time out for rest and activities that nourish and ground you. Matters of love, creativity, and beauty may be on your mind, including your self-presentation and body. This may herald a period of enjoyment and closeness with others. Neptune's influence may heighten romantic yearnings, and your gift of expressing deep emotions may come forward, enriching your connections with others.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, marking the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and squaring Neptune in the process, so that there is a mystical quality now to all that you do. You could feel the empowerment of your individuality, and your personal trajectory may be highlighted.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 21st culminates in your sphere of one-on-one partnerships, which may illuminate a pull between personal needs and that of another. You may be considering the effect of a relationship on your wellbeing or seeking deeper commitment or connection. The Sun and Moon in their opposition make a T-square to Neptune in Pisces and this could potentially indicate a fog of uncertainties related to upcoming career choices, as well as reflections of your broader perspectives, such as philosophy, worldview, or beliefs. Processing within a relationship may not provide clear answers for you either at this point. We note that a sextile from Mercury in your sign to Mars in Taurus, corresponding to your social sector, suggests you are better served investing your energy and attention into friendships, collaborations, and efforts that are congruent with your ambitions.

On the 28th, the Last Quarter Moon in Aries takes place in your vocational sector along with a precise square from Mercury to Chiron there. Sudden developments could stir up vulnerabilities related to your worldly success or expression of your individuality and ambitions. These may also stem from hidden beliefs or struggles. An exact sextile between Venus and Mars, the rulers of Taurus and Aries, suggests you have allies and societal alignments that will support your work in the world. You might be taking action on a new goal that inspires you, involving others.

Saturn stations retrograde on the 29th, where it will travel backward toward mid-Pisces until November 15th. This could signal a time of readjustment in what you stand for or put your faith in, where you may be reconsidering your intellectual or spiritual paths or getting more serious about broadening your horizons of understanding and experience.

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