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Cancer Horoscope for March 2021

Cancer Horoscope for March 2021

Posted on in Cancer |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This month is a potent one for you, Cancer, as you continue the transformational drive of this new year with its new opportunities for significant expansion. The metamorphosis of your relationship dynamic remains ongoing, and as part of that process you are exploring further facets of your own inner depths. There is also quite a lot of activity with regard to social groups you favor, including where you feel the call to explore novel ways to plug yourself in. Your future vision is indeed restless these days, subject to fits and starts, as you find inspiration to reevaluate your life path. In large part you are ready to go for it, even if this means blowing up existing arrangements and jumping the tracks of previous conceptions. A new outer world persona awaits; yet, still, something of a conservative streak inside holds you back from all that. You are encouraged to follow the pull of the kind angels of your deep inner nature. They demand of you the best that you have got.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

As the month begins, the mid-February New Moon in Aquarius is still with you, having in mid-February initiated an entirely new cycle within your psyche, having to do with the transmutation of your fears into self-awareness. This process being by now well underway, you might already be feeling the clarifying impact of new perspectives and the strength that comes from facing your inner world and its hang-ups more squarely. Saturn is also now almost perfectly in square alignment with Uranus, linking your sector of personal evolution / relationship intimacy with your societal connection / future plans. With this implicitly conflictive arrangement of archetypal energies, you are being pulled in different directions, and must exercise discretion in each passing moment, over which way to go, to stay the course of exiting arrangements, or to plunge ahead into new ways of thinking, seeing and being in the world. It is also true that you benefit as you continue working with inner wounding and inherited anxieties, especially ones related to intimacy, solitude, aging, and mortality.

Mars enters Gemini on the evening of the 3rd, corresponding to your twelfth soar sector of unconscious process, which continues to bring the motivation to get at the roots of some of your most unconscious patterns. You may feel somewhat withdrawn from the world as you explore the mystical and spiritual depth of your inner universe. From March 3rd to the 5th, Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius for a third time since January, highlighting your investigative process into your depths, and the various schools of thoughts you may currently be exploring. You could this month have many novel revelations connected to your thinking and conditioning or begin more advanced study with a mentor.

On March 10th, the Sun in Pisces conjuncts mystical Neptune, blurring the lines between the clarifying solar light and the hazy mist of Neptunian inner awareness and illusions. As Neptune throws its sleepy haze on the world around you, it may be harder to find the motivation to get things done. This aspect is taking place in the part of your chart that rules mind-expansion and learning, and colors the days leading to the March 13th New Moon with mystical leanings or perhaps a lack of focus or over-idealization. It may be best to stay receptive to what is presented to you at this time without trying to draw any hard conclusions.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 13th is quite potent for you, bringing renewed momentum for a learning journey that is in some way essential for your continued well being. This weekend could bring up quite a few inspiring perspectives. You could have an experience that opens up your mind to different philosophical understandings and new ways of thinking. You may feel more connected to the universality of mankind and it also may be a good time to explore foreign or travel ideas. Mercury enters Pisces a few days later on the 15th highlighting your desire for an experience that truly opens your perspective.

The Sun enters Aries on March 20th signaling the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, with Venus entering Aries the next day. What arises now could bring progress.
The Sun and Venus transiting in Aries for the next thirty days could increase the speed at which things unfold in your career, as a logical extension to your earlier preparation in terms changing worldview and beliefs.

The First Quarter Moon in Cancer on the 21st is a significant juncture as well, and a definite marker that brings progressive factors into play as a correlate to short-lived irritants, diluting their impact. These could mainly have to do with current obligations at work versus your need to grow in your sense of your own identity, or retreat in the safety of habitual patterns. You may feel like calling all the shots at this time but Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius may symbolize some stifling of your freedom of action. It could be that hidden limitations are undermining your progress. Mercury in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus on the same day, which could augur the ability to collaborate on exciting new ideas with unusual groups of people.

Mars conjuncts the North Node in Gemini from the 25th to the 27th. This continues to highlight the work you have been doing towards becoming aware of unconscious patterns and conditioning that slows you down. Your self-perception might be in a state of flux but it's also opening your mind to radically new ways of being. You may feel challenged by circumstances that feel outside of your control and have the reflex to just withdraw. You win by permitting yourself to go at your own pace during this period without trying to push yourself beyond your limits.

On March 28th the Full Moon in Libra culminates at the base of your chart in the sector that connotes family and home, while the Sun is joined by Venus and Chiron in Aries highlighting your career. You may feel a sense of polarization at this time. Your career direction could come into greater focus and be informed by new understandings of your hidden depths. You could also feel the need to come into greater alignment with your sense of purpose. Your early upbringing or your family would likely be linked to these realizations, and you could become aware of how your past conditioning has shaped your career decisions, and more extensively your need to succeed. It’s a great time to come to terms with ideas surrounding success that keep you from truly following your passions. There may also be a new vocational direction emerging that requires you to reassess where you live.

This climactic final weekend of the month is also inspired by a forming conjunction between the communication planet of Mercury with poetic Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Music and poetry beckon, and your logical mind is softened by misty madness and mystical revelations. You could find yourself daydreaming about an opportunity that could take you far outside the beaten path. It might be an excellent time to simply follow your bliss. 

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