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Cancer Horoscope for April 2021

Cancer Horoscope for April 2021

Posted on in Cancer |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is a month that will get your attention, Cancer, and help you to find greater motivation in career and professional life, as well as in the ongoing transformation of your relationship dynamic. Right from the very beginning of the month there is an emphasis on your public statement, your outer presence in the world, which, to be both productive and enjoyable, must reflect your most authentic self. You are aware of what you need to deal with, both in terms of inner work and for issues of partnership that come up in order to be healed. Old wounds can yield to loving attention. You are philosophically aligned with this principle from the middle of last month, with its Pisces New Moon, and now it is the time for action. You are recognizing that it takes a combination of your head and your heart, your outward intention coupled with your deepest interior principles, before you will be satisfied with your pathway forward. New ideas abound and you have only to let them in, judiciously, with caution but without fear.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

As the month of April begins, you are imbued with a sense of inner purpose that is hard to define. The New Moon in Pisces from mid-March opened up a whole different world of possibilities for you. You may have not realized at the time that your thirst for knowledge would take you this far so quickly but here you are, and you may already be planning the next leg of a journey that began earlier in the year. ‘’The world is your oyster’’ might be the perfect quote for you right now. Fresh perspectives are opening up on your horizon and the only thing slowing you down might be your inability to do ten things at once. The Sun and Venus transiting in Aries emphasize your career and more extensively your entire base of operation.

On the late evening of the 3rd Mercury leaves the sign of Pisces at the beginning of the month to enter Aries. The next two weeks could be spent sorting out your priorities. 

Mars, still transiting in Gemini, forms a trine with Neptune in Pisces on the 8th through the 10th, which may bring up some confusing elements to contend with. You could feel unclear about the details of a project, or a learning opportunity, or you may tend to idealize a philosophy or a career direction. Altruistic feelings are highlighted at this time, and you could have a tendency to give more of your time to a cause or a charity. Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries on the 8th and 9th and this might also increase your desire to be a spokesperson for a marginalized community.

Clarifying your aims in the following weeks will go a long way in helping you delineate a proper plan. You may have to sort out your priorities as opposed to try and get everything done. It may be important to assess how much you can realistically do before taking on another project.

On the 11th, the New Moon in Aries takes place in your tenth house, which relates to your vocation, your calling, and more extensively your ambitions for your life in general. With the new planet, Eris, a powerful part of this New Moon, you might feel more energized than ever to find your true calling, whatever you have as bottom-line principles, deep inside yourself. Mars in Gemini is still hidden away in your soul sector, which links your aspirations with the desire to be of service to the world. You may not be interested in totally selfish aims at this time, preferring to dedicate your time to helping others where you can.

Venus enters Taurus mid-month, which could increase your social interactions. You may feel like going out more and gathering with friends could be possible with the Spring season in full bloom.

The third weekend of the month could bring some clarity in connection with a recent career decision. If you were still unsure about the details of a project or a living arrangement, the answer may come later in the month. Mercury meets the Sun in Aries on the 18th for its ‘’superior conjunction’’ which is often thought of as a rebirth moment for the star of Hermes ( Mercury). The answer you are looking for may finally come helping you set a clear direction.

Mercury and the Sun enter Taurus on the 19th gradually shifting the focus from your career to your place in your community. Feelings of belonging could come up in the latter part of the month and you may have to face a certain level of alienation. You might not be feeling quite at home where you are, which could be ok if you are not attached to a particular place.

Your desires to set sail, explore, and branch out on your own could continue well into late Spring. Mars enters your sign on the 23rd, which means you may start to feel an increased desire for movement with far less patience for the same old boring routines. This ingress should endow you with increased vitality and a more impulsive streak. Mars will transit in Cancer until June 11th.

On the late evening of the 26th, the Scorpio Full Moon culminates highlighting romance, self-expression, as well as connections to any children that you might have. Pleasure could be high on your priority list in this timing. You likely feel closer to what you require to be happy right now, and it may be a good time to simply go out and have fun. Overall, the end of the month brings a pleasant energy for you especially when you are able to stay flexible and go with the flow. 

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