Taurus Horoscope for May 2020

Taurus Horoscope for May 2020

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This is another quite significant month for you, Taurus, when you have tons of energy, with also a genuine and somewhat angsty restlessness. You are seeking a more viable future but unsure of what might come next. Mystical realities drive you more than practical physical ones, with new realizations dawning apace. There is a fundamental spiritual optimism that, once you can set your worries aside, you are able to partake of. Your novel worldview has to do, in part, with adapting to a life mission of assistance to the greater good, and to the planet as a whole. Through Nature you may find a plethora of salvations affecting personal issues, and, as well, our all-too-human social situation and its mishaps. The period from the 7th to the 14th is particularly epic in terms of discoveries. This is also when your ruler Venus retrogrades and you are taking on fresh perspectives. You are feeling into new possibilities for yourself in the timing of the May 22nd New Moon, when you are launching into a new phase.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

There is no way the state of the world is stopping you from experiencing small simple pleasures. The recent New Moon in your sign, along with Mercury-Uranus, conjunct as the month begins, endows you with renewed vitality. If there is one sign that can endure and persevere it is you, Taurus. Your ability to stay grounded means you are well equipped to face any type of crisis, including this one. I think this is due to the ability you have of tackling one thing at a time. Uranus transiting in your sign is currently augmenting your innate reserve of strength. The rebel planet is bringing out your pioneering spirit and the ability to affect real change around you. Uranus in your sign for the next seven years means that Taurean values are the new zeitgeist. Getting back to the essentials is becoming increasingly important, and if there is one sign of the Zodiac that knows how to do that, it is you.

Your ruler Venus currently in the sign of Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces to begin the month. This is an aspect that will continue to be more or less exact until the end of July. Venus in Gemini is in the part of your chart related to your finances. Neptune on the other end is influencing the part of your life that deals with groups and community. The way you make a living is obviously undergoing some kind of transformation that could involve bringing more of what you do online. You might be contemplating a lot of different creative options at the moment. Your career, your finances, and the broader community are intimately connected and original concepts are starting to emerge. This is part of a process that will take some time to elaborate but you have a lot of good creative avenues at your fingertips.

The Full Moon in Scorpio takes place on May 7th, highlighting your partnerships. The Scorpio Moon invites you to acknowledge where and in what way you are intimately bound to others. Uranus currently in Taurus could make you feel like you need a lot more freedom to do as you please, with less patience for the demands of others. However, this Full Moon brings to light your role and obligations within your partnerships. The reality is that it takes two people to tango. Mars currently in Aquarius rules over this Full Moon and augurs a powerful need for liberation from the bounds of restrictive circumstances.

Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius late evening on May 10th just as Mercury enters Gemini the next day. A significant change of pace will be felt mid-month as Mercury, at home in the sign of Gemini, lends its support in the realm of your finances. Saturn stationing retrograde means it will by July exit your career sector giving you a breather before officially re-entering Aquarius in December. The pressure is off for now. You could find some things are getting back to normal while real solutions start to emerge. Restrictive circumstances might start to be lifted which in turn could give you a bigger sense of what is possible.

Your ruling planet Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on May 13th. Jupiter in Capricorn stations retrograde on May 14th for a total of three planets stationing retrograde in four days. Continuing on the themes of reversal, it might be around these dates that restrictions start to be lifted. For you Taurus, a lot of the action is taking place in connection to your career, your finances, and more extensively the goals and visions you have for yourself. Venus retrograde for the next month and a half could bring up questions of worth, money, and your values around these matters. The changing circumstances taking place in the world, might have you wondering how much you want to contribute and where.

The Sun leaves Taurus for the sign of Gemini on May 20th, and the New Moon in Gemini takes place on May 22nd; This is a time of inception in connection with your finances, and more extensively a time to re-establish your sense of worth. It's an excellent time to delineate your priorities, your values and reconnect with your sense of worth. A wind of change is blowing regarding where and how you want to invest your time and ideas. The Nodes of the Moon are now in the sign of Gemini, and will be here for the next two years representing a significant shift taking place in these matters. This is only the beginning of some pivotal changes, and for you Taurus it could mean bringing more self-sufficiency in your financial realms.


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