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Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2021

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2021

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is an interesting month for you, Sagittarius, and one in which communication and learning are key. With the recent retrograde of Mercury, recovering up to the 13th, you are looking more closely into how you connect verbally with others in order to get your point across. This has consequences for your outer world presence contrasted with your own private leanings. You are questioning your sources as well as your communication style, as you try to arrive at the heart of the matter. There could be barriers to your true self-expression of who you really are, highlighted at the timing of the month’s beginning, and also in the powerful Full Moon of March 28th that ends it. Early life events that caused wounded places within you to become walled away can devil you until you make the effort to get to know these dark subliminal contents, and comfort them in their misery. You are seeking the direct connection now between inner and outer experience, easing the potential for division between them.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month begins with a focus on on communication that survives from the previous month, when many planets aligned in the sign of Aquarius, including Mercury in retrograde and the energizing mid-February New Moon. The Aquarius sign corresponds to your third sector, of communication with others, which is likely sizzling. Your curiosity for new learning is also running high. Due to the Mercury Retrograde, you have also been somewhat introspective, communicating inwardly rather outwardly, and this condition extends into the present month as Mercury completely transcends its retrograde shadow, around the 13th of March.

Also coloring the current month is Saturn in this same sector of your solar chart, in square with unpredictable Uranus, located in your service sector along with Mars at the recent Virgo Full Moon, from just before the month began. This favors a slow-down in what you have to say to others, similar to the retrograde but more committed to slowly arriving at something definite. Meanwhile the other thing that your verbal creativity has going is the presence of rascally Uranus, throwing his usual monkey wrench into the works. Things could get a little wild, when you are not staying on top of slowing them down.

On the evening of March 3rd, Mars enters your opposite sign of Gemini, where it will emphasize various situations involving negotiating what needed in your partnerships. Mars will stay there until nearly the end of April, and should bring a lot of energy to your collaborations. You may feel more argumentative or encounter that in a partner needing to find the middle ground so that everyone is happy. This is not a bad transit but you must guard yourself against anyone wanting to win at all cost. You could feel confronted by the contrast arising between you and others and so it's a good time to find proactive ways to reconcile your differences.

From March 3rd to the 5th, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius for a third time since the beginning of the year, emphasizing your thinking and more extensively how you communicate. You may start to wrap your head around intricate ideas you’ve been wrestling with or be able to see a clearer picture emerge in your cogitations. You could also have the knack for combining your overall philosophy with more practical applications and you may be in a position to teach what you know. You should be more convincing with your words and it could be a good time to share your ideas with the world.

Some confusion around where you want to be may come up around the 10th – when the Sun meets Neptune for its once a year conjunction. Neptune tends to take a universalist position and could throw a fog on your sense of reality or you could feel confused about a family or home situation for these few days. On the other hand, you may be able to connect more deeply with your roots and your ancestry and it could be a time of spiritual revelation surrounding what you’ve inherited from your family lineage.

The New Moon on the 13th brings a new cycle in connection with the foundational aspects of your life involving your home, your family, your roots, and what binds you to your past. All these issues could come up in some fashion. You may become aware of how your upbringing has informed some of your habitual patterns and feel ready to bring more awareness to these matters. Your sense of security or your home may feel more important to you right now and you may feel more introspective. Venus and Neptune in Pisces are closely linked to this New Moon making this a great time to appreciate your surroundings with the people you love.

Things pick up speed for another critical juncture the weekend of the 20th with the timing of the Northern Hemisphere spring equinox when the Sun enters Aries. Venus follows the next day enters Aries on the 21st which brings a lot of attention to this sign in the weeks ahead. The Sun and Venus in Aries shine their lights on your creative project, romantic scenarios, your self-expression, and more extensively your children. This should feel like a vitalizing period for you as these planets carry a supportive trine aspect over to the sign of Sagittarius.

The First Quarter Moon also takes place on the weekend of the 21st bringing conflicting passions to the surface. You may feel more emotional and desiring close connections with others. The way you express yourself may be more dramatic these days especially if you don’t get what you want. Mars in Gemini in your partnership sector is highlighted when it comes to a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. Being understood may be more important for you right now and progress can be made when you remain diplomatic.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus on that same weekend may bring an unforeseen element to contend with especially if you’ve been ignoring your responsibilities. This third weekend of the month is action-packed but you can get through by staying mindful of your needs and the needs of the people close to you.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 28th culminates in your social sector and highlights your role or your contribution to a community. This is another powerful lunation, when Venus, Chiron, and the Sun are tightly conjunct in Aries and opposite the Moon in Libra. This might well bring up realizations in connection with what you have got going in terms of artistic creativity, or with the self-image as you project in interactions with groups you favor. There might be hidden trauma, the residue of childhood fears or early wounding, that arises to block your truest efforts in these arenas, and you have the opportunity now to move past these. You may feel that your uniqueness is somewhat at stake every time you put yourself out there, or that people are not fully appreciating your role and contribution, and if so, you can act upon this realization to greater self-acceptance and appreciation for what you share; your talents and your perspectives on the world.

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