Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2020

Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2020

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This is another interesting and paradoxically confounding month for you, Sagittarius, when you are feeling the effects of deep transformation, ongoing in your life. This affects your ideas about your basis for taking action, and your very relationship to the material realm. You are imbued with an extreme dedication to inner purpose, an urge to really begin to make things happen in certain arenas, and you are confronted with questions regarding what that deep intention might entail. Especially after the Mercury station to retrograde motion of the 13th, you are in an introspective mode, looking more closely into what drives you in both outer world roles and responsibilities and also your relationship dynamic in general as you partner up in various ways with important others in your life. Surprises abound in this October timeframe, affecting your normal day-to-day routines, creating a degree of havoc, and yet providing new insights when you look at them in a slightly different way with eyes half-closed to see beyond the obvious.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month of October begins with a Full Moon in Aries saturating the skies with a fiery glow that shines a spotlight on what brings you pleasure. There may be a project in the works or something related to your children being highlighted. More extensively this Full Moon could clarify a recent romantic scenario. Since the Moon also conjuncts Chiron, indicating a degree of focus on inner wounding, there could be issues that arise to make you think twice about these things. Whichever form your muse embodies, the beginning of the month represents a period of consciously acknowledging what you need to feel playful, what brings you joy and what feeds your creative fires. It may be time to take stock and situate yourself financially, especially when it comes to funding your big ideas. The desire to branch out independently may have pushed you to rethink a recent trajectory, and you may still be exploring your options.

Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd bringing a supportive influence in your career sector. You may find yourself really busy sorting out, and organizing your priorities at work. Venus in Virgo should help you find the support you need to streamline a recent career direction. The New Moon in Virgo in mid-September kicked started a new cycle in your vocational sector. There is lucidity and momentum occurring in the part of your life, which should not be ignored. If you’ve felt isolated or burdened by your responsibilities recently it would be a good time to ask for help. Collaborating with others is strongly indicated this month but you have to let go of the idea that you can do everything on your own.

It may feel like you have a lot on your plate leading to the second weekend of October. Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus on the 6th, while the Moon is in your opposite sign of Gemini. You may be able to accomplish everything you set out to do but the pressure is on. Finding time to relax and quiet your mind could bring surprising insights and help you prioritize. Your schedule may be a bit out of hand but you still need to sleep. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on the weekend of the 9th highlights the current tensions you may be feeling either financially or with a business partner. There could also be illusions or confusion to work through in regard to your family scene. If you have a desire to gain more financial autonomy, there might be something to give as well as to gain. You might have to recognize that you can do more with other people supporting your ideas. Take your time with negotiations, and make sure not to act on impulse.

Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio on the 13th, and this will be your opportunity to revise somewhat where you are heading. Mercury will be moving retrograde until November 3rd – or even two weeks longer when you take the retrograde shadow into effect – and residing in your soul-sector, which might prove helpful in allowing you to sort out your deeper motivations. It’s important that you make space for down time if you want to benefit from this transit over the next month. You may have to address some buried unconscious material in order to feel more complete as you deal with a situation. It might not be the easiest or the most fun thing to do but doing so could benefit your partnerships and also your collaborations.

The New Moon in Libra could signal the beginning of exciting coming together in your social sphere and more extensively in your line of work. The New Moon is squaring Saturn and Pluto in combination, which means you may also be feeling the financial pressure of maintaining your allegiance to a certain group of people. You might have to decide between settling for the status quo or launching out into an exciting new opportunity that requires more work. Either way you look at it, the pressure is on to adapt and change with the times, and this could be affecting your line of work or career direction. It’s an excellent opportunity to start branching out, and to find new connections in your domain. What is trying to emerge at this time may take several months to take shape but the New Moon represents a time of inception.

The Sun enters the Water sign of Scorpio on October 22nd signaling the beginning of a period of introspection for you. Whatever Mercury has been excavating in the last few weeks may be ready to get acknowledged. The Sun in Scorpio can help you see what you have been trying to avoid, and it's a good time to clean your closet. You have one month before the Sun enters Sagittarius, and you can think of this time as the dawn of a new cycle. Clearing, cleansing, and purging what you don’t want will be more efficient now.

Venus entering Libra on October 27th will bring more ease to your social interactions in the next month. Something that was left on pause around the last week of September may come back around as Mercury Retrograde re-enters Libra on the 27th also.

A Full Moon on the 31st in the sign of Taurus shines her light on your health habits. There is an exciting edge in the air as the Full Moon conjunct Uranus and highlights alternative solutions that support your body, and more extensively your daily life. Foods or substances that are detrimental to your health may become very clear to you by the end of the month so pay attention to what your body is telling you!

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