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Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2019

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2019

Posted on in Sagittarius |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

You are coming into yourself as never before, Sagittarius, and you might as well celebrate that fact. For you, this year, rather than feeling any lack, the glass is always (at least) half full. This is indeed a fortunate and productive time for you, with Jupiter, your ruler, occupying a highlighted position in your sector of identity and outer persona. Your beliefs, as well, have taken on a practical focus that is also quite sincerely mystical, so that you find yourself living out two simultaneous realities that are fundamentally antithetical, very aware of what the poet has said, that “we are spirits living in the material world.” The prevailing astrological currents indicate that this month might well be regarded as an extended meditation on this rather abstruse subject matter. As you believe, so must you act. As February unfolds, surprises and unexpected enlightenment continue to abound, and they lead you ever further into discovering a way forward for yourself consistent with these, your most deeply-seated values.

The following was written by this month's guest columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month begins with a square from Mars in Aries in your fifth house of children, good fortune, and creativity to Pluto in Capricorn in your second house of finances and resources, signaling a moment of confrontation and healing related to business or financial matters, possibly triggered by the topics of children, creativity, or the need to create healthy pleasure or happiness in your life. Simultaneously, Venus in your home sign of Sagittarius will make a trine to Uranus in the fifth house, bringing a moment of personal and creative rebellion, thrill seeking, and innovation. However, with Venus also in a square with Chiron in Pisces in your fourth house of home and family, it’s likely that this sequence of events will also ask you to address some old wounds related to your home and family.

On February 3rd, Venus will enter Capricorn and move into your second house, bringing blessings, beauty, and good fortune into the financial house of your chart for the rest of the month. You values and your finances are thus more greatly emphasized, although it will not necessarily be smooth sailing. Some necessary transformation might well be involved there.

On February 4th, the New Moon in Aquarius will fall in your third house, emphasizing the topics of siblings, communication, and the mind throughout the lunation cycle to come. It’s possible, given Saturn’s highlighted presence in the second house with this New Moon configuration, that any changes of mind or of heart you may be experiencing this month are in direct relation to the topic of your personal finances and property.

Between February 12th and 13th, Mars in Aries in your fifth house will conjoin Uranus in Aries, signaling a moment of creative originality or defiance, breakthrough and disruption. If you have children, don’t be surprised if they are making significant changes in their lives right now, or if your relationship with them is challenged as they are choosing to rebel or go in the opposite direction that you think they should. On the other hand, you may be feeling the need for some child-like rebellion yourself. Just remember that on February 14th, Mars will move into Taurus and trudge slowly but surely through the house of labor and service for the next month and more. In other words, the fun and defiance may quickly turn into the reality of putting your most original or creative ideas to work, so be prepared to work for whatever you are most fired up about right now.

On February 18th and 19th, Venus in Capricorn will conjoin Saturn in Capricorn in the second house, suggesting a meeting of the minds, a natural moment of conclusion, agreement, or finality in relationships and relative to the topics of money and resources. It’s a good time to either eliminate unnecessary business dealings or to solidify relationships around money and finances. On February 18th, as well, Chiron will then enter the sign of Aries and move into your fifth house for the better part of the next decade, bringing a long and very deep season of healing and growth related to the topics of children, creativity, and personal joy. During this time, you will be working to recover the wisdom of your inner child while also learning important lessons around the healthiest and most elevated forms of joy and creativity.

On February 19th, the Full Moon in Virgo will land in your tenth house of career, bringing a series of events to a head in relation to your professional life. However, it’s likely that the career focus at this time will be informed by Mercury’s simultaneous conjunction to Neptune in your fourth house of home and family, adding a layer of private or domestic emotional depth, and possibly uncertainty or confusion to the situation.

On February 22nd Venus in Capricorn in your second house will conjoin Pluto, bringing a moment of depth, intensity, and upheaval related to your business, financial, and professional dealings. With Venus a few days later moving toward a square with Uranus in the fifth house, perfecting by the end of the month, you will want to be careful of the risks or wagers you are taking with work or financial issues. An exciting change is clearly at hand this month, but with your ruling planet Jupiter in your first house all year long you may sometimes overestimate the potential for personal or financial success or growth, so that it is best to be prudent and smart about whatever financial or business changes you are seeking to make.

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