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Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

Pisces Horoscope for September 2020

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

Your future is calling you Pisces, not that it hasn’t been all along the weeks and months of this crazy and climactic year; and you might be starting to pay it more attention. This month you are continuing in the transformation of your understanding of where in the world you think that you are heading. The recent Leo New Moon was an opening door, and now you might just walk through it. There will be surprises, and novel information providing sudden and unexpected enlightenment. This is no easy stroll, however. The stars say that it will take hard work to get you to where you need to go. Yet, the journey of a thousand miles begins with that historic first step. Your growing sense of your true identity is one significant story of this potent timing, and partnership is another. Working with an important other, and seeing your reflection in their eye, is a strong focus, and paradoxically takes you closer to your goal of more complete, top to bottom, self-knowledge.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Relationships are on your mind to begin the month, with the recent mid-August Leo New Moon emphasizing service to others, and also highlighting Mercury, your opposite sign ruler. The Sun transiting in Virgo also illuminates your sector of partnerships. Your relationship dynamic is also emphasized by Venus in Cancer currently, thus in your fifth house of romance, creativity, and children. A lot of sweetness is available through your connections, which is serving as a healing balm. It seems that after a rough period at the beginning of the summer you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. Obviously relationships are a work in progress, and things are far from being perfect, but it’s safe to say that you are now in a better place to appreciate the contributions others are bringing to your life.

The month of September opens with a late-evening Full Moon in Pisces suffusing your space, and body with a sentimental light. A Full Moon in your sign brings clarity surrounding your needs, and the opportunity to consciously integrate recent epiphanies. If you have a tendency to sacrifice too much of yourself for the sake of keeping the peace, this Full Moon brings the focus back to your needs. It’s a good time to revise how far you tend to go for your loved ones, and if you would do the same for yourself. This is your cue to reconnect with your desires, and ensure that you are aligned with them. Objectivity may not be available as the light of the Moon colors your experience with a sentimental glow. This Full Moon can feel like an emotional time so be sure to allow plenty of space to process what comes up.

On September 3rd, a change of pace is indicated when the Moon enters Aries to conjunct Chiron on the 4th, and a slowing Mars in Aries on the 5th. Mercury also enters Libra on the 5th, and this chain of aspects could bring your finances to the forefront. Impulsive expenditures are possible so make sure you have your priorities straight. Mercury in Libra for most of September emphasizes shared finances, taxes, loans, and what binds you to others. It’s your opportunity to revise your agreements and contracts. There could be a silver lining to your close partnerships in September so pay attention to what is being offered to you.

Venus enters Leo on the 6th for the rest of the month, energizing the health and organizational sector of your chart. This is a good time to get physical and have fun with it.

On September 9th, Mars stations retrograde in Aries, and will be moving retrograde there until mid-November. The Mars retrograde takes place in your financial sector prompting you to revise how you make your money. As you review your choices in this area, there could be pressure to keep a job feeling less than satisfactory that offers you a steady income. Or you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your financial obligations. Mars retrograde in Aries for the next two months will help you reconfigure your values surrounding money.

The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces from the 10th to the 12th while the Moon is in Cancer. These few days offer creative or romantic potential amidst the more challenging aspects. However there can also be a tendency to ignore problems or totally avoid reality especially in your partnerships so make sure to take off your rose-colored glasses if something is less than ideal. You may feel like experimenting and stepping out of the beaten path with Venus in Leo squaring Uranus on the 13th. One thing is for sure, you are not willing to repeat the same old mistakes anymore.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 17th brings a potent reset to your partnerships and the opportunity to start a new cycle of growth in connection with the way you relate. There could definitely be excitement or electricity in the air with new possibilities on the horizon. Mercury in Libra ruling over the New Moon is also squaring Jupiter in Capricorn, exaggerating the sense of potential, especially when it comes to what others can provide. This may become quite obvious a few days later around the 21st when Mercury squares Pluto, and then Saturn on the 22nd to the 24th. It's a good idea to keep a sense of proportion especially in regard to your partnerships.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd signalling the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun in Libra for the next months continues to emphasize partnerships, and intimacy. Mercury enters Scorpio on the 27th, which helps you take a step back and assess your overall direction.

September comes to a close with something of a difficult aspect, as Saturn stationing direct in Capricorn late evening of the 28th squares Mars retrograde in Aries. This may symbolize stopping rather than starting, and again highlights your financial obligations and the compromises you must make to keep steady while continuing to fuel your projects.

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