Gemini Horoscope for October 2022

Gemini Horoscope for October 2022

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October represents another important month, Gemini, with Mercury, your ruler, in the final stages of last month’s retrograde cycle. Mercury stations to direct motion on October 2nd and its “shadow period” ends two weeks later on October 17th, and these will be significant dates for you with a focus on personal transformation. You are discovering more of who you really are – or might become – right from the very beginning of the month. As it continues to unfold, there is a great deal of helpful intuitional information available to you. Your creative self-expression is evolving in unexpected ways. Your family, your dwelling space, and the psychological roots of your being that are symbolically linked to these, are all potentially undergoing changes in the way that you conceptualize them. You are investigating hidden places within your psyche and this inner work pays dividends that eventually show up in terms of your public statement along with what you conceive and produce. This is part of an expanding circle of awareness that spirals back around to encompass greater vision for future endeavors.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month of October continues to bring important traction for your passions and new openings towards carving a place in your community. The Libra New Moon which occurred on the 25th of September, in your creative sector, continues to unfold throughout most of the month of October and may bring important progress in the realm of self-expression, creativity and more extensively within your romantic connections. You could have recently been presented with opportunities to participate within a group and you could be surprised by the feedback you get every time you let your creative side shine. Although you may feel like you have so much left to learn, you could also be reaching a new level of mastery in relation to your self-expression. October could bring some new creative ideas and projects. With Mars now transiting in your sign, you might also have a tendency to feel like you can take on the world. However, the latter part of the month could bring a need to reassess or simplify your commitments, so keep that in mind.

Mercury turns direct in Virgo on the 2nd, which is good news for things that were progressing slowly in September. Although Mercury takes two weeks or so to full straighten out, you might eventually be able to deal more efficiently with things at home or in relation to what you share with others. Partnerships or things of a contractual nature that might have felt overly complicated in September could finally start to make sense.

The Aries Full Moon of October 9th represents an opportunity to take stock of how far you have come in the realization of a dream, as it might signal that you are reaching a culmination process. Although you can be successful at this time, you could also feel some inner restlessness or a strong desire to set new challenges for yourself to conquer. This Full Moon comes in conjunction with Chiron in Aries which may bring an awareness of the things that are not working socially for you, especially when it comes to a particular community. You could feel a pioneering urge emerging at this time and it might be a good idea to pay attention to these feelings as they may continue to poke at you in the coming months.

The week of October 9th could also be your cue to explore your creative desires more whole-heartedly. You may be able to make room for what you love. It also would be a great time to give yourself permission to experiment with bringing forth more of what you want. This is thanks to a host of supportive aspects taking place between the Sun and Venus in Libra with both Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in your sign throughout this middle week of the month. Things could be coming together nicely, especially in relation to your personal desires and it could be a good time to play around with some ideas that have been manifesting for you more recently.

From the 18th through the 20th, the Sun and Venus in Libra then square Pluto, which could bring forth pre-existing tension between you and someone you are close to. This could occur especially in the context of you trying to gain more autonomy. Tactful diplomacy might be required for you to find common ground with others at this time. You may need to make adjustments in a romantic or business partnership or for your agreements with them. The Sun and Venus in conjunction signal a special time of dramatic self-development along the lines of balance and aesthetics. Their conjunction is also forming during this time, and they meet in Libra in exact conjunction on the 22nd.

Their ingress together into the sign of Scorpio takes place on the 23rd, which could represent an important transition for you in the later part of the month. Themes surrounding relationships, pleasure, and values are undergoing a significant reset as Venus meets the solar rays of the Sun and thereby becomes purified.

Saturn stations direct on the 22nd in your sector of higher mind and higher learning, and the Sun and Venus make their mutual entry into the sign of Scorpio the very next day. This may bring you to a significant turning point preliminary to the next New Moon in the same sign.

The first eclipse New Moon of the season occurs in Scorpio a few days later on the 25th. The focus at this time shifts to the part of your chart that relates to your health, your well-being and your habits. Jupiter and Venus are also involved so that this is an optimistic juncture, and a time of consolidating the gains that you have made over the last thirty days in terms of self-exploration.

Mars in your sign comes to a standstill near the end of October, on the 30th, and begins his retrograde that will be ongoing until mid-January. This will be your opportunity to revise themes of self-assertion, anger, will power and autonomy in the coming months and address any issues related to your overall vitality and physical body. Your patience might very well get tested as the red planet moves backward through Gemini in the next several weeks so you might think of this extended period as your martial art training bootcamp.

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