A Gemini Full Moon of Thoughtful Response

A Gemini Full Moon of Thoughtful Response

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The Full Moon of the final week of November, taking place on Monday, November 27th, early morning PT, later morning for the east coast and Europe, makes for an interesting follow-up to the dramatic Mars-Uranus New Moon of November 13th. That recent initiation to the thirty-day lunation cycle still unfolding through the first ten days of December brought unexpected events of all kinds into the picture of our days and our activities, with novel thoughts also in the offing and new ways to see things. By contrast, the current configuration has the Sun at 4 Sagittarius, remaining within three degrees of Mars, and connected to – rather than the wild trickster energy of Uranus – stolid Saturn at the beginning of Pisces. Following the potentially wild flights of fancy from the previous two weeks there is now a deliberateness to the current astrology that might be beneficial and settling. In one way of understanding how the astrology of this Full Moon may play out, we could encounter difficulties in making of our new vision the actual reality that we would like to see; while in the best of outcomes, we are ready to take the new ideas of recent weeks into our normal working structure, thereby ensuring that we progress in our spiritual evolution as we grow.

In another important feature of this Full Moon, relationship-oriented Venus, in her own sign of Libra, near the South Lunar Node, is closely opposed to the Chiron/ Eris midpoint in Aries —which will likely bring up the recognition of partnership issues from mid-October and the Libra eclipse that have been recently exacerbated in all the Martian energy of the previous Scorpio New Moon. If so, a more thoughtful approach to these might be just the ticket. When we can understand, as the Eris/Chiron midpoint indicates, that our inner wounding is profound and meaningful to us, and not merely a wrinkle that gets in our way; when we can delve more creatively into our inner wounding, we can come to better comprehend our life purpose in terms of everything, the good and the less good, that we hold inside as significant parts of ourselves. Dealing with our entire Self in this manner of paying constructive attention to these dark and hurt places within us can propel us forward in unbelievable ways.

And, speaking of the power of thoughtful reflection, in this Full Moon as well we can recognize with the partile trine that Mercury makes with Eris, conjunct the North Node in Aries, that this a great time to reflect in general on where your life is taking you, and why. Mercury is getting ready to retrograde on December 12th, and is already in its pre-retrograde shadow. This might be the perfect time to dust off that journal or that aspiring screen play and put down your thoughts, thus preparing for your next stage in your continued evolutionary process of growth and change!

It is also interesting to note that there is social and environmental activism indicated in this Full Moon by a yod to Jupiter from the Sun and the new KBO Nature planet Makemake, with the Sun/ Makemake midpoint closely opposing Jupiter within 1/6 of a degree! Jupiter is closely parallel Saturn, with Saturn square the Full Moon Sun and Moon, indicating awareness of societal concerns. Makemake represents profound connection to Nature, and to a species of natural law that arises from deep within, with a marked tendency to act upon this attitude of right action and truth-telling, in spite of all the cultural inertia of a society resistant to change. Similarly to the mandate of Eris, encouraging us to behave strictly from our own inner light, Makemake encourages action in alignment with our deepest principles and damn the torpedoes! In this way we can find ourselves no longer the victim of circumstance, buffeted by forces beyond our control, rather seeing ourselves to be powerful beyond measure. When we are in this way on the right side of history, that is to say, on the side of true cultural evolution in the making, we can, on our own, represent the gathering tide of positive transmutation.

And in this way, too, we can regard our natural activism as a way of feeling connected to possibility. There is a message of faith and of gratitude to be found in this holy season arising in the context of current global turmoil and fear. When we can come to making clear what we ourselves undeniably stand for, articulating these values and standing up for them in spite of the world situation, in spite of everything, then we have discovered, within ourselves, our true freedom.

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