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A Libra New Moon of Connection, Willpower, and Innovation

A Libra New Moon of Connection, Willpower, and Innovation

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The Libra New Moon of October 6th initiates this next lunar cycle with some passionate emotions, plenty of healing opportunities in our relationships, and pattern-interrupts that may require us to get innovative in our approach. The heat is turned up on this New Moon because our fiery friend Mars is less than a degree from the Sun and Moon, making a partile or same-degree conjunction at 13 degrees Libra. Because Mars operates a bit differently in Libra, his influence here is somewhat diluted, and this could help soften the edges of any anger that might come up, yet this energy may also lurk around as resentment, quiet exasperation, or passive aggression.  With Mercury Retrograde nearby at 20 Libra, there will be no shortage of annoyances, triggers, and opportunities to get present with our internal experience of our buttons getting pushed. The good news is that with Mars so strongly in the picture, there is also ample energetic fuel available to harness our willpower, know when to say enough is enough, and make the changes in awareness, attitude, and active engagement that could result in greater healing for ourselves and our relationships.

Healing processes are also heightened now because Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Aries, is in opposition to the position of the Sun, Moon, and Mars.  Chiron being thus triggered by this New Moon helps us to turn our awareness to the painful aspects of being human, and in particular to our own unique imprint of painful places inside ourselves. We are summoned also to greater awareness for the ongoing process of tending to that hurt, and calling home the pieces of ourselves that have forgotten the divine truth of who we, at core, really are. Pluto in Capricorn being also emphasized in this New Moon configuration, there is likely as well a dose of transformation in the works for us as we proceed. And because this opposition highlights the Aries-Libra axis, we will see emphasized the topic of self and other, and, as such, relationship could be a key arena of healing and metamorphosis for us now.
Through recent months Uranus has been prominent in many of the lunar phases, and this month is no exception, making an inconjunct or quincunx to Mars that is exact within three minutes of a degree. This Uranus presence is greatly triggered, of course, by the Sun and Moon in the same degree of 13 Libra. This seems like an almost unlimited supply of unexpected twists and turns, that will likely sneak their way into our relationship dynamic in some way, shape, or form.  One important way of looking at this is that Uranus is actually serving you in its role as the Trickster archetype, acting to interrupt your unconscious patterns that are perpetuating ways of relating that are not an expression of your truest self. If things begin to take a crazy turn, it might help to remember to stop and ask yourself what it is that the wisdom of life and synchronicity are asking you to somehow see in a different light. The glass might be as full of unexpected wisdom as you once thought it was overgrown with brambles and chaos. Wild innovations and aha moments are the gifts of this energy, so be sure to keep your eye out for them to suddenly and magically appear!
What is quite supportive about this New Moon is that Mercury, although retrograde, is receiving a lovely trine from Jupiter in Aquarius. It is often in Mercury’s domain of the mind and thought-form where the looping patterns that are not in alignment with our truest expression get locked in place.  Mercury Retrograde, even with its external annoyances, is an absolutely fantastic time for questioning our own biases, beliefs, and attitudes.  With Jupiter in flowing aspect to Mercury we are given a much needed boost of hope that, amidst the painful territory, we have agency to heal, to make good choices for ourselves, and to learn to lean into joy, levity, and abundance.
I’d also love to emphasize the importance of recognizing and checking our own biases as we interface with more and more information on a daily basis. When we remember, for example, to question and choose what kind of media we are viewing, and to check our sources as we form our views and beliefs in our rapidly evolving world, we are exercising responsible discernment that might serve to get us through this difficult and confusing time.  May this New Moon support us each in our agency, healing processes, and human connection, while engendering within us brilliant new perspectives.

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