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Full Moon in Virgo:  The Mystical in the Mundane

Full Moon in Virgo: The Mystical in the Mundane

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The Virgo Full Moon, perfecting on Saturday February 27th, just after midnight on the west coast, is gracing us with an air of elegance and gentle cleansing, coming into exact at 8 + degrees of Virgo. The Full Moon in Virgo is of course opposite to the Pisces Sun in the same degree. Since Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, this also marks the final Full Moon of the astrological year. The Virgo-Pisces axis invites us into the beauty of refined practicality, while keeping an inner eye on mystical awareness and deep intuition. This axis helps us build a bridge between our mundane world and the magical alchemy that occurs when we imbue our physical body and environment with our higher intention and awareness. Virgo energy can also help us find discernment for cultivating that which is nourishing and supportive of our health and wellness, sending the things that are not good for us to the proverbial compost bin. As the intensity of our global situation continues, we are also being challenged to build resilience in the face of tumultuous change.

Uranus and Saturn, recently making their first exact square of this year, are continuing in heightened presence at this Full Moon time, as their positions in their respective signs are in close alignment with the Sun and Moon placements. The tense square aspect between these powerful outer planets continues in its influence throughout the whole of this year. Taking a closer look at this significant 2021 planetary interaction, these two planets are antithetical in their archetypal nature to begin with. Saturn was once the farthest known planet in the solar system, but through the discovery of Uranus in 1781 with the advent of the telescope, an entirely new perspective on our solar system was revealed. Uranus opened the gateway to the exploration of the further outer planetary spheres that were to come. As Saturn stands firm with the old guard, Uranus ushers in the new, and this dynamic is woven into their meaning and signature. So, too, we find ourselves caught between Saturn and Uranus this year. We are at a collective crossroads between Saturn’s sense of conserving the existing systems and status quo, and Uranus’ urge to break free and completely innovate; therefore between and the cautious attitudes that prioritize staying safe and contained, versus the burning desire to dare to venture into unknown territory, even if it is scary. The nuance and meaning of such a World Transit can and should be examined through many lenses, and we will continue to discover the collective and individual ways this dynamic will manifest as the year unfolds. Those of us with placements in the early to mid degrees of fixed signs should particularly be on the lookout for the presence of this energy in their personal life experience.

Another chord being struck by the astrology of this Full Moon is that of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, located at 7 + degrees of Aries, thus also in close aspect to the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Uranus. The new planet, Makemake, signifying an important component of earth energy for healing our very planet, remains in partile opposition. When Chiron is activated by a lunar phase configuration, we can expect that unresolved pain and grief may rise to the surface of our awareness and experience. There is also a healing dimension to Virgo with its symbolism of the harvest, nurturance, and cleansing – and this together with Chiron provides encouragement to tend with care and diligence to our own health and wellness. This can be as literal as cleaning and organizing our living space or eating good food and taking supplements that support our health and our system. It can also also be seen at levels of the psychological and the spiritual, encouraging us to be attending to the underlying energetic patterns that perpetuate pain and dysfunction. The recipe is to face these and acknowledge them, rather than to brush them under the old rug. It is good as well to remember you don’t have to do this alone. This might be an excellent time to schedule a session with someone that you can trust to hold healing space for you.

On a lighter note, we also have prominent Venus, just entered into the sign of her exaltation, Pisces. This is also where the Sun currently resides. With Venus in an environment where she is lifted up, we could find greater access to relational ease, and compassion for self and other. We still have loads of Aquarian energy coloring the ethers with its vibrant and electric tones, while Venus now in Pisces lends a bit more softness and poetry to the energetic weather.

Transformation is still in the air for us, along with these rays of light coming through, as we continue making our way forward in these difficult and trying first few months of the new year. We have also now the push and pull of Saturn versus Uranus within each of us to contend with. May our choices and our native discernment be up to the task! And may this Full Moon shine her grace upon each and every one of us as we endeavor to strive for healing and wholeness, and a natural connection to Love that may carry us onward.

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