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A Full Moon of Surprises, Polarities, and Sensitivities

A Full Moon of Surprises, Polarities, and Sensitivities

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The Full Moon of October 1st takes place at 9 degrees of Aries, highlighting elements of vitality and passion in our human experience. When the Moon visits this cardinal Fire sign, we may find a surge in the intensity of our primal urges and desire nature. The Aries Full Moon comes along every Libra Season, as a Full Moon is always exactly opposite the Sun. This Aries-Libra zodiacal polarity is yang/masculine in its nature, and represents the orientation around concepts of self and other. As such, this Full Moon may draw our awareness to an examination of our relational experience, and where we tend to flourish or falter, there. It offers us choice points to build bridges with others… or burn them, if we’re not mindful and intentional in our approach to relating. With this Full Moon we become acutely aware of the interdependency between all of us as a collective human fabric, and just how vital having quality human connection is to our health and wellbeing.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of this Full Moon is its conjunction with Chiron in Aries. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, represents the infinity loop of the healing journey that lies as a potential within each of us. There is agony all around us now as our society seems to be disintegrating, and as we are increasingly sensitive to this, and to the hurt within ourselves also. We are becoming familiar with the injury, the coping, the tending to the pain, and the eventual recovery of the broken pieces of ourselves back into a wholeness of being. We benefit when we recognize that this is an ongoing organic process; simply part of life. As this archetype comes to the forefront of our collective awareness with this Full Moon, we may be confronted with our pain points specifically around relationship. Much of modern American culture is one built on the values of rugged individualism and an emphasis on the self and competition with others (Aries) and our society tends to be lacking in the department of cooperative endeavors and prioritizing harmony and connection with others (Libra). With all the relational aspects of this lunation, we are being asked to more deeply understand the connective aspects of the healing journey – and the paradox of simultaneously needing each other to heal and grow, but also finding our autonomy and responsibility for ourselves in so doing.

Uranus is also prominent in this Full Moon configuration at 9 degrees of Taurus, so that the Sun is making a near exact inconjunct with Uranus, and the Moon a semi-sextile. Wherever we find strong Uranus signatures, we also find surprising and unexpected events that can be indicative of the nature of our own karmic liberation. Uranus wants us to be free, and it does that by shaking up the status quo so that we can come to startling new realizations and epiphanies. This is not always the most pleasant process, yet I believe it asks us to rest in a greater trust of the Wisdom of the Cosmos. Sometimes the seemingly unpleasant or unwanted events turn our path in a direction we never would have imagined or chosen, but ends up bringing us closer to the fullness of our embodiment and authentic self.

Another important facet to mention is the continued retrograde movement of Mars in Aries, which you can read more about here. At the time of this Full Moon Mars is fading from his exact square with Saturn, closing in on an exact square with Pluto, and in the very same degree as Eris at 24 Aries. This is what I like to call a “hurry and up and slow down,” configuration. Mars in Aries has a feeling tone of urgency and a great need for movement. Because he’s retrograde, there’s more internal awareness around our volition, choice, and willingness to make an impact in the world. Saturn has just stationed direct, and his influence – especially the days surrounding the station – signals a hefty slow-down. These two in combination can be really frustrating. We may feel some internal conflict about how to go about affecting the change we wish to see in the world. Or like in a bad dream when you want to run but your legs can’t move, or scream but you can’t find your voice. This could feel like that, AND I believe, as with all things, there is an opportunity for our healing and evolution. With Eris in the picture, which is a Feminine Warrior archetype, and potentially can help us hone and clarify our core soul intention, we are invited to take this time to sit in the discomfort, and ask ourselves internally for clarity around our contribution to the whole.

What, with all of the seeming madness that is happening in our world, is our piece of the puzzle? Following one’s own Divine inspiration in a world that’s being turned upside down is a radical act of Love. Among the most deeply courageous of potential acts is, although feeling the terror and pain of being squeezed through the eye of the evolutionary needle, we yet choose to plant our feet evermore firmly in our love for the Earth and for each other.

In these difficult times, may we each find it within our power to reach across the internal and external divides, in our effort to achieve peace and healing. May we each firmly and courageously attempt to understand and embrace our own divine contribution to the collective. And may we possess the discretion and deep listening to know when to act, and when to rest. May we thus be able to deliver ourselves into a world we are satisfied to inhabit, and proud to pass on to future generations.

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