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New Moon in Virgo  In Service to Collective Evolution

New Moon in Virgo In Service to Collective Evolution

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The time of the New Moon is upon us, and we are given another chance to renew our intention amidst the intense evolutionary churning of our time. This New Moon is at the 25-degree mark of Virgo, the zodiac sign that signals the time of the harvest, and offers us the task of differentiating between that which is good and nourishing from that which is not meant for us and to must be returned to the proverbial compost bin. It symbolizes the process of sorting the wheat from the chaff, literally keeping the part of the plant that will feed the village throughout the winter, and disposing of the inedible bits. When you think if the importance of sorting through the grain from the harvest with a keen eye for little critters who will gobble up the food stocks, or for one tiny spot of mold that could spoil the whole lot, we can understand why being thorough, methodical, and detailed oriented is so vital to Virgo’s job description. There was a time when it was literally a matter of living through the winter or starving to death! In our modern times, we can look at this metaphorically, refining our attunement to discern that which feeds our Soul from the things that distract us from inhabiting the fullness of our Essential Selves, even in our most practical, mundane behaviors and choices.

This particular New Moon gives us an important perspective on the greater themes of this year– namely the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that was exact in January and will come prominent again at the end of this year. While they will not make another exact conjunction, they will come within three degrees of each other, and their presence will be amplified immensely by Jupiter as he makes his conjunction to Pluto in early November and then Saturn in late December. This phase of the Saturn-Pluto cycle signals the unearthing of deep shadow, the dismantling of structures and systems that are no longer sustainable, and a cosmic compression exerting itself on humanity, squeezing us all into and through the eye of the evolutionary needle. In the wake of pandemic, climate change, racial injustice, mass extinctions (and the list goes on…) many are being awakened to the terrifying realization that the legacy of our colonialized, capitalistic world simply cannot continue as it has. We are faced with a daunting task to come into coherence and harmony with Earth and natural order.

In this regard, it is interesting to note that the new planetary archetype of Haumea, representing Nature and natural law, is prominent in this New Moon configuration, opposite Eris and making a close T-square to Saturn-Pluto, representing the societal and personal evolution of these stormy times that we are all witnessing. The message is clear; digging deep within ourselves for our sincerest values, and acting upon this profound realization ( Eris) in accordance with Nature and Nature’s requirements, and the principle of natural law ( Haumea) we must realign ourselves with the Earth that we all inhabit, and in which we find our being, and our purpose.

The position of this New Moon is at 25° Virgo in a partile (same degree) trine with Saturn at 25° Capricorn, with Pluto close by at 22°. The New Moon is also at what we call the “North Bending”– a point halfway between the lunar nodes, and a position indicating the arrival of new perspective leading us toward our karmic destiny. This special New Moon configuration can therefore lend us a glimpse of our own piece of the bigger puzzle. How can we partner with the greater cosmic forces that shape our world, to usher ourselves into right relationship with the Earth and with one another? How can we choose the path true to our own Essence, an organic and joyous extension of Loving and Wisdom, to contribute to the greater good? We are, each one of us, tiny beautiful glimmering drops in the grand ocean of life. When we refract the light of our Creator through us, the ocean becomes brilliant, healthy, and full of life-giving radiance. I’d like to be clear here – I am not superficially suggesting the “choose the love and light” route. I’m suggesting that we each endeavor to inhabit the fullness of our Being, and that also means facing and befriending the most challenging and painful parts of our experience. Saturn and Pluto, essentially, are asking us to do the hard work of healing, and translating that into being of service to the wellbeing of our planet and our legacy for future generations.

May we each possess diligence and clarity in following the path of healing and embodying our Essential Nature. May we be gentle and kind with ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth. May we as a collective people find grace amidst the stormy skies.

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