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A Leo Lunar Eclipse of Awakened Creativity

A Leo Lunar Eclipse of Awakened Creativity

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo that graces our skies on January 20th, at 9:16pm Pacific time, comes with certain fascinating and potent astrological configurations. To begin with, because taking place in the very first degree of the Sun’s and Moon’s respective signs of Aquarius and Leo, it brings our awareness to the symbolism of Leo, which invites forth any aspects of self that crave bold expression, creative flow, and fierce individuality. The Aquarian solar energy, on the other hand, offers us eagle vision that sees far and wide, and is concerned with advocating for the highest good of the community. We are therefore being asked to put our individuality on the line in our most creative way, in service to the society that surrounds us. When we add to this notion a whopping dose of Saturnian Capricorn energy set up by the recent New Moon and Solar Eclipse that very nearly started off the year, providing a structured approach for getting very measured and practical with our goals and our vision for this life, we have a potent recipe inviting each of us to step more deeply into alignment with our most beautiful and integrated expression of Self.

Lunar Eclipses occur when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Full Moon, so that we see the Earth’s shadow cast onto the face of the Moon. In zodiacal terms, the Moon is always exactly opposite the Sun at the time of a Full Moon. During this Lunar Eclipse they span the Leo-Aquarius axis, as indicated above. In additional patterning to this fundamental opposition, the surprising trickster energy of Uranus is also powerfully positioned in this Lunar Eclipse chart, at 28° Aries, thus at nearly 0 Taurus, making a very close T-Square to the Sun and Moon. Uranus is the great awakener and liberator, and one of the mechanisms of the intelligence of this energy is to help stir up and shake away the things in our lives that no longer fit with our aligned path and purpose. Just as it sounds, this process can definitely feel stormy, chaotic and quite disorienting. Yet the effect is that after the storm passes we can come away with ingenious new insights, a better sense of what we’re truly made of, and as a clearer channel for which life energy may pour through. While it may be challenging to get in touch with the intelligence and brilliance of how life is unfolding during these times, it is often in hindsight that we can come to see that all events were conspiring in our highest good, and that the necessity of being present with the more painful aspects of it were in service to that process. As life shifts and reorganizes, we benefit when we can become more diffuse and expansive in our perceptions, and simply surrender to what we find ourselves in the midst of.

Also at 28° of its sign is Chiron in Pisces, making therefore grand trine with Ceres at 28° Scorpio, and the Moon at 0° Leo. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, represents that infinite spiral of healing: becoming present with pain, encouraging us to offer to our inward angst our fullest love and acceptance, and allowing us to reintegrate the wisdom of the wounded place back into the wholeness of Self. This process, of course, is more easily said than done, yet there is a lot of supportive energy now for healing of all kinds. The asteroid Ceres, now considered a “dwarf planet” along with Eris and two others, is a feminine archetype of the harvest, but also in her mythology symbolizes knowing great loss and grief. She represents the balance of wellness and healing we each must tend to within ourselves before we can truly offer our loving support to others in the most useful way. She also indicates where and how we receive and offer nourishment – both fundamentally as food and nutrition, but also energetically and spiritually. The Sun at 0° Aquarius completes the picture of this potent planetary patterning with Chiron and the eclipse Moon, marking the eclipse Sun as the point of a grand kite formation. This is quite a powerful configuration, and doubly so when it contains an Eclipse Full Moon! Both of these archetypes combined in such a powerful formation as a kite, with the Sun and Moon at eclipse, are truly magical. They communicate just how important it is that we each focus on our own healing journey. We are summoned to cosmic process, and to really filling up our own cups so we can approach that process from a place of resource. You will want to ask yourself how you can fill your cup in a way that nourishes your body, mind, heart and soul. Perhaps a nice bubble bath with music and meditation? A walk alone in nature? Laughing and getting crazy with friends? A long and glorious night of sound sleep? Painting? Dancing? A delicious meal cooked with love? When you ask yourself how you can fill yourself with joy, love, and vitality in simple ways, you give yourself the gift of flexibility, because your needs may change from moment to moment.

There is also a strong component of transformative Pluto in this Eclipse configuration, reminding us that we must continue to let go, and then let go again, of outmoded habit patterns and even possessions that are no longer serving us. The icing on the cake is Mars, in his rulership in Aries, making a trine to Venus conjunct Jupiter, while Jupiter, in his own rulership of Sagittarius, is making a quite telling square to Neptune also in HIS rulership!! This strong presence of Neptune presents idealism and the potential for confusion, and yet also gives our whole entire situation wings to soar on. With this archetypal stew engaged, you will find hope, love, the recognition of intrinsic value in each and every being that you encounter, and spiritual connection. Along with this you find as well, with Mars, the belly fire to put it all into your power to effect change, by applying your will power, action and choice. Your trick is to continually look for and build energetic bridges from idealistic visions of high apple pie in the sky hopes, to making very real moves in the direction of what you most value and want in your life.

During this Full Moon eclipse, may we dare greatly to be bold and vulnerable in our expression and creativity. May we cherish ourselves as an intrinsically valuable part of the greater Cosmic Whole. May we be soft and open in our approach as the intelligence of life works to unwind and liberate us from the pain and shackles that bind. And may we have aligned clarity and strength in our choices and actions, surrendering into grace and trust amidst stormy seas.

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