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A Virgo New Moon of Choice Points and Liberation

A Virgo New Moon of Choice Points and Liberation

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The New Moon takes place in the early hours of August 30th, at 3:37 am on the West coast, later in the morning for points east, at 6º + of Virgo. This New Moon offers you a fresh perspective in terms of what is working for you and what is not, and as well the tangible choice points that help you along in creating a life that is an aligned expression of your most authentic and essential nature. There is a five-planet lineup in Virgo, a mutable earth sign, and this energy has a way of encouraging us into practical flexibility as we explore the details of any given circumstance, and as we gain insight and exercise greater discernment about our choices. This sign represents the symbolic process of the harvest, and of separating the wheat from the chaff, and relates as well to the intimate understanding that is goes into that; the process of touching, seeing, and smelling every grain, consciously discarding the unusable material that goes back into compost. Over the course of the upcoming lunar cycle, we can learn from this process, as we approach our lives. What in our world, our perspective, our approach, or in our material realms do we wish to choicefully harvest and build upon? What is occupying precious space in our awareness that is no longer serving us at the highest? This could refer to habitual patterns, or self-preservation strategies that are no longer functional or useful. How do we make choices, moving forth, to retain what is necessary, and yet allow what no longer serves us to be released?

In this New Moon, not only do we find the Sun and Moon in Virgo, but we also find Mercury and Mars close by, at 2º and at 7º, while Venus is at 11º of Virgo. In a near exact trine from the New Moon, we also find revolutionary Uranus in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, therefore in greatly heightened influence. Uranus brings surprising events or realizations that may shock or shake us, but that ultimately serve as a catalyst for further awakening, and for increased clarity in our perception. Collectively, we may see this as a continued unfolding in humanity’s shared consciousness around just how tapped-out our Earth’s environment has become, and the quantum leap that will be required to come into a sustainable relationship with limited resources. Individually we may experience this configuration as sudden enlightenment, or unexpected external events triggering a profound shift in internal awareness, demanding our full presence and honest observation of the situation at hand. This could be in any area of life, and the clue will be checking on where these influences fall in your own birth chart (look to placements in fixed signs, or in Earth signs, to see where the biggest impact might be). It is encouraged that you lean into this process with openness, asking what the evolution of your Soul is beckoning forth from you. We also find Chiron at 4º Aries – in an inconjunct aspect with this New Moon degree – suggesting a subtle additional dimension of uncovering inner wounding that we have experienced in the past and that might now be cropping up in our current experience as triggers. These difficult experiences might be unveiling themselves in divine timing for healing, and for finding new tools and resources to regulate ourselves. With the strong Mars influence, what also becomes highlighted is the orientation of our consciousness toward aligning our willpower to a higher place, an energetic intelligence much greater than our mind or ego, thereby allowing ourselves to become a vessel for choice and action that stems from Love, Source, Spirit, God, or whatever you wish to name it.

Venus’ themes of values, connection, and desire also come into prominence with this New Moon, as we consider her forming trine aspect with Saturn, at 14º Capricorn, close to the South Node there at 16º. We may see this as considering that we are undergoing a distillation process around our heart’s longing, getting current with what it is we truly want and desire from an inner space that is clear and coherent. This is a very supportive time to deeply consider your core values, and what kind of structures you are actively seeking and creating in your life in a way that actually manifests your visions. The karmic structures that once supported and simultaneously confined us are in a process of dissolving and dismantling, and as this unfolds, we are offered tremendous new potentials for liberation, growth, and breakthroughs. We may also be confronted with our own patterns of resistance, aversion, and as well the grief that comes with significant change. As the month progresses we will find that all of these personal planets now in Virgo, one by one, form an opposition with Neptune in Pisces, the question becomes one of Trust. How much can we accept the places within ourselves that feel afraid, and with courage open ourselves to the Loving Arms of the Universe? How can we take action from that place of Trust and of Love? Can we be in connection and collaboration with each other from that place, as we mutually endeavor for liberation, forgiveness, and brilliance? Can we simultaneously hold acceptance for all that is and can we do that with a fierce desire and stance for transformation? We are being asked to stretch and evolve our awareness to hold a far greater truth than black or white, right or wrong, left or right; we are being asked to get comfortable with paradox, and the vastly complex nature of existence. May our perspectives, intentions, and desires be aligned and coherent in this present moment as we collectively weave ourselves into a more brilliant and loving human tapestry.

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