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A Full Moon of Powerful Connection & Evolutionary Creativity

A Full Moon of Powerful Connection & Evolutionary Creativity

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The Aquarius Full Moon of August, taking place in the early morning of August 15th for the west coast, later for the east coast and Europe, sheds light on the full spectrum of our heart’s connections and longings. The Sun and Venus in close conjunction in the bright and bold sign of Leo offer illumination on our core values and how we are living in or out of accordance with them. In fact, there is a full on “personal planet party” happening in Leo for this Full Moon, as the Sun, Venus, Mars, and now Mercury are all there. All of the personal planets but the Moon stacked in the same sign heighten our awareness of this area of the Zodiac, so that all of this Leo activity reminds us of both our amazing capacity in being seen and shining our inner light brightly, as well as our fears around that, and encourages an influx of creativity to find our way into a more fully expressed version of ourselves.

In the chart of this Full Moon we find the Sun in a very nearly exact conjunction with Venus. Venus in her goddessly ways reflects to us our embodied experience of inhabiting this earthly plane, and attunes our senses to beauty, connection with others, and our values– both in terms of what we value externally and internally. As we find her in Leo near the Sun and being reflected by the perceptive luminescence of an Aquarian Moon, we may be getting a unique and perhaps startling view of where we’re at in our development as relational beings. Relationships are not a subject we are required to learn about in school, yet they are perhaps the single most important determining factor in our happiness and fulfillment as human beings. Many of us have reached adulthood without having received any teachings on how to have healthy, thriving relationships, and only begin to seek out that information once we discover for ourselves that what are doing is not working very well. All of this Venus activity is prompting us each to really take a hard look at ourselves and how we are with and in relationship, and seek out new resources and teachings to learn and grow. It is actually propitious that this Venus spotlight is coming with a dose of Aquarian “big picture” perspective, as it may be helpful to take a few steps back from yourself and others in order to see more objectively and clearly what’s at play here. Beyond this, in terms of Venusian themes, you may notice yourself contemplating and asking about how you are spending your time and energy (and money!), and if you’re expending your precious life force on things that truly matter to you. You may wish to take some time around the Full Moon to identify or reflect upon your core values, and inquire how or whether you are living in alignment with those values.

Another important element of this Full Moon is Mercury’s entrance into Leo on August 11th, and its subsequent emergence from its retrograde shadow on the 14th — suggesting a fresh burst of creativity, ideas, and the integration of recent lessons and healing moving forward. During the Full Moon, Mercury makes a close trine to Chiron at 5º Aries, and a square to Uranus who just stationed retrograde at 6º Taurus. Jupiter also recently stationed to direct or forward motion in its home sign of Sagittarius, promising optimism and positive thought forms emphasized. The Uranus factor indicates our awareness now being turned toward integrating our healing journey into our mental framework, asking that our thought patterns and beliefs become a truer reflection of our highest intent, and most current version of ourselves. With Uranus in square to Mercury this further presents an opportunity to find and begin forming new neuro-pathways in our brains, allowing the old patterns to gently be shed away as we promote new neural connections that promote greater well being. This Full Moon may be an extra-potent time to go into meditative practice and self-inquiry, asking to gain a unique glimpse into the inner workings of our own subconscious nature. Epiphanies, downloads, strokes of genius, revolutionary ideas, and brilliant innovations are all in the forecast. This may not look the way we want or expect it to, so we do well to keep our awareness supple and open, allowing the wisdom of synchronicity and the cosmos to speak to and through us. Expect the unexpected!

The Full Moon is also aspected by Eris in Aries making a trine, and Pluto in Capricorn, making an inconjunct. Eris represents a fierce Feminine Warrior archetype in support of soul purpose. When the nature of this significant planetary object becomes integrated into the ethos of the astrological and collective paradigm, we see evidence for a continual current rising of the feminine aspect of consciousness and culture. Because she touches this Full Moon by trine, we may gain greater access to those aspects of our own nature that are willing to stand fiercely in the absoluteness of our own Truth. With Pluto’s influence in the picture, we may also be asked to actively engage with the process of surrender in allowing ourselves to shed our outworn ways and transform into a more whole version or ourselves. It requires great courage to look inside and see where we’re clutching out of fear, and allow ourselves to trust fall into the arms of Love, placing our faith in an intelligence much greater than ourselves. As we step boldly into an embodiment of Power and Love, may we each have the courage and support to trust in Life as we individually and collectively walk the path of our evolution.

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