Cancer Horoscope for December 2022

Cancer Horoscope for December 2022

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This is another significant month for you, Cancer, and for your relationships. You are potentially quite a bit more inner than usual due to the current retrograde of Mars in your sector of unconscious process. Your nighttime dreams are important now and you benefit from writing them down. There is a focus on your day-to-day activities, or perhaps your workplace, along with habitual health regimens such as exercise or yoga. All of these pursuits and areas are perhaps coming into an entirely new vantage point from the shift in perspective heralded by the recent Sagittarius New Moon from the last week of November. With the December 7th Full Moon that follows, you are more aware than ever of the synergy between your deep internal musings and principles and your sense of life mission, with novel ideas continuing to come fast and furious about where your future might be heading. The New Moon in your opposite sign takes place two weeks further into the month on December 23rd, and signals renewed attention toward key partnerships in your life. This is based on your evolving concept of your own identity together with accumulated understandings of where you might ultimately be headed.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The Sagittarius New Moon of November 23rd kicked off a brand new cycle in your health and routine sector lasting for thirty days, or most of December. This indicates a focus on day-to-day details, health regimens, and issues involving service to others. This might also be a busy month thanks to Jupiter in Pisces in this New Moon emphasizing learning and discoveries. Mars retrograde and traversing your sector of unconscious process could also imply a degree of introspection regarding your dealings with the world in a business sense. It may be hard to accomplish everything that you set out to do over the next few weeks, especially as your more adventurous side could be looking to get out of the same old routine. With Jupiter in Pisces involved, you may feel curious and stimulated by people from different backgrounds than you and it could be a good time to travel if that is available to you. You may be craving more meaningful experiences this month and this could be done through learning about other cultures or immersing yourself in a new landscape.

On the 3rd, Neptune stations direct in Pisces which colors the first weekend of December with a mystical and spiritual undertow. It may be easier to gloss things over and focus on the good side of things as opposed to what’s not working. Your sense of faith and your ability to see the goodness in others and the world could be emphasized but it may also be harder to use discernment. Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius are squaring Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces while forming an opposition to Mars retrograde in Gemini for the first week of the month which emphasizes beliefs, idealization, and projection. This can be an inspiring time, however, you may also be more gullible so use your judgment before jumping into something head first.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 6th which should help in adopting a more pragmatic approach in the weeks ahead. Mercury will travel in the sign of Capricorn until mid-February due to its retrograde motion beginning at the end of December which could help you assess your priorities and what it is that you really want at this time, especially in your important partnerships.

The Full Moon in Gemini culminates on December 7th while forming an exact conjunction with Mars retrograde in Gemini. A Full Moon usually represents a period of clarity, illumination, and a time of integration. This Full Moon can highlight hidden tensions or frustrations, especially if you haven’t been able to pinpoint what has been bothering you or if you have been feeling underappreciated and isolated more recently. Superficial encounters and situations could clash against your desires for more meaningful experiences and you may feel polarized by your need for autonomy versus your need for support at this time. Pay attention to how you are dealing with stress at this time as this could be your clue as to how you can be more honest with yourself about what is actually bothering you.

Venus also enters the sign of Capricorn on the 9th shifting the focus to your relationships and the important people in your life in the coming weeks.

The Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune mid-month, on the 13th through the 15th, which continues to bring a mystical and inspired influence. This could also seem somewhat confusing in this timing. However, things should start to feel more dynamic by the time Jupiter re-enters the Fire sign of Aries on the 20th, highlighting vocational and public life in the coming weeks.

The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st signaling the Capricorn Solstice and in the Northern Hemisphere he beginning of winter. This is extremely good timing for business ventures and business partnerships, due to the Sun square Jupiter at the top of your chart; other relationships might also prove helpful in terms of career.

The New Moon in Capricorn arrives a few days later on the 23rd. This New Moon continues the square with Jupiter in Aries, energizing the relational sector of your chart, and could bring important changes of perspective over the thirty days ahead. This could also be the beginning of some important realizations surrounding partnership and what you expect from them. Venus, the planet of love and desire, was moving retrograde in your opposite sign of Capricorn a year ago so that you may find parallel or similar themes from last year emerging at this time; although you could in this current juncture feel a lot clearer about what you want.

Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on the 29th of December while in conjunction with Venus and will be moving backward through the sign of Capricorn until January 18th. Mercury subsequently finally escapes its “retrograde shadow” on February 7th after recovering its lost zodiacal ground. Your relationship with yourself and with others might have changed a lot in the past year and an important period of integration related to your desires and your needs could be underway allowing you to step into the second month of the New Year clear of the emotional baggage of your past relationships.

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