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The Tenth Planet
Revelations from Astrological Eris

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Henry Seltzer's research, documented in his recently published book, The Tenth Planet, with dozens of examples, has revealed Eris to be a major factor in modern Western astrology, perhaps as much so as Pluto. It is interesting to note that Eris is the same approximate size, and the same astronomical category, now, as Pluto, and is located in the same section of the solar system, known as the Kuiper Belt. Much farther out, Eris takes about 560 years to circle the Sun.

Henry initially conjectured that Eris would prove to be significant in charts, and somewhat to his surprise, was able to demonstrate that this is indeed the case, and that Eris is in actuality a vital symbol for these fractious times, when it has become increasingly important that each person be willing to take a stand for that which they most sincerely value, that comes only from deep inside themselves. He characterizes Eris as a Feminine Warrior archetype in pursuit of soul intention.

This hour-long webinar was recorded on February 12, 2016 in Norway. With over a dozen charts, Henry goes in depth about how Eris' dynamic shows up at momentous points in history, from Nobel Prize discoveries to seminal works in psychology, the rise of the female warrior in media and much more.

The Eris archetype points to where one's soul purpose lies, and is featured when people make a powerful stand for what they believe, even if sometimes violence is involved.

In this fast moving time of heightened transformation, Eris offers us tremendous insight into where breakthroughs are happening, on an individual, national and planetary basis.

If you want to quickly gain proficiency at understanding how to interpret Eris in natal and transiting charts, then this is a perfect webinar for you.

You can get a free calculation of your birth chart here to find your natal Eris position!



This video was part of a 2017 Summit from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. Caylin Castelle and Daniel Giamario interview our Founder Henry Seltzer about the astrology of 2020 and the feminine warrior archetype of Eris.



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