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The Planetary Bodies in Astrology

In astrology, the word planets is used to describe astrologically significant points in the sky which includes the Sun and Moon, as well as many objects that are not currently astronomically defined as planets such as Chiron and Pluto.

Below you will find information about the Planetary Bodies of Astrology, and their correspondences. The keywords in the chart provide insight into the major influence of each planet, but does not cover the broad range of material involved in each planet. Click on the Planet's name to see the interpretations from our acclaimed TimePassages Astrology Software.

Symbol Planet Rulership Detriment Keyword
[Sun] The Sun Leo Aquarius Self
[Moon] The Moon Cancer Capricorn Feelings
[Mercury] Mercury Gemini/Virgo Sagittarius/Pisces Thoughts
[Venus] Venus Taurus/Libra Scorpio/Aries Attraction
[Mars] Mars Aries/Scorpio Libra/Taurus Desire
[Jupiter] Jupiter Sagittarius/Pisces Gemini/Virgo Faith
[Saturn] Saturn Capricorn/Aquarius Cancer/Leo Boundaries
[Uranus] Uranus Aquarius Leo Break-through
[Neptune] Neptune Pisces Virgo Inspiration
[Pluto] Pluto Scorpio Taurus Transformation
[Chiron] Chiron Healing
[Ceres] Ceres Nurturing
[Pallas] Pallas Wisdom
[Juno] Juno Marriage
[Vesta] Vesta Self-sufficiency
[Eris] Eris Soul Purpose
[Makemake] Makemake Earth Issues
[Haumea] Haumea Earth Goddess
[Part of Fortune] Part of Fortune Good Fortune
[North Node] North Node Destiny
[South Node] South Node Karmic Past
[ASC] Ascendant Appearance
[MC] Midheaven Career
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