Pisces Horoscope for January 2023

Pisces Horoscope for January 2023

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This is a month of positive vibes for you, Pisces, with also some cautions, You have an amazing configuration of planets in your sector of future plans and societal commitment, and also from the recent New Moon a square alignment between Sun and Jupiter – which presages positivity in your understanding of your values, and for your financial outlook, although with the possibility also of overconfidence. There is also, however, the month-long retrograde of Mercury through this same sector of your chart, an introspective force for misalignment between your visionary plans and their outcome. This lasts through to February when you take into account Mercury’s retrograde shadow period that follows its midmonth station to direct motion. Other significant dates are the 6th, the Cancer Full Moon emphasizing creativity and yet also Mercury Retrograde; the 12th, when Mars stations to direct motion in your sector of home and family; and the 21st, the Aquarius New Moon in your sector of dream imagination and unconscious process. One secret to this month is therefore exploring more thoroughly your inner depths. All through, you are solidifying your most fundamental values with the eventual goal of acting more directly from these, and from no other distracting inputs.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

As the month begins, you are feeling the Capricorn energy from the recent Solstice and subsequent Christmastime New Moon that set the stage for the current month. This New Moon was in close aspect to your co-ruler Jupiter, in Aries, so that your sector of resources and values is currently greatly stimulated, with a generally positive vibration prevailing. The other strong factor at this time, however, is the Mercury Retrograde period that began just before the advent of the current month, bringing an introspective air to the proceedings. January could highlight your aspirations and more extensively the need to belong could continue to be at the forefront of your awareness. Your social ideals and your participation within your community could be emphasized as well and you may be in the process of re-evaluating where you want to focus your attention in the coming year. Where you want to be or what you call home might be in a state of flux and you might need more time to figure things out on the home front. January brings a contemplative influence and you may need more time to consider your options before making an important decision. Taking time to sort out your priorities could be definitely worth your while especially as you might discover more of what you really want.

Venus enters Aquarius on the evening of the 2nd where it carries attention to the part of your chart that relates to your unconscious. Venusian matters like love, relationships, money, and pleasure could be on your mind yet they may seem less accessible than usual. Venus trine Jupiter in Aries on the 4th could bring the necessary fuel and perspective that keeps you staying hopeful for what is to come.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th illuminates the part of your chart that relates to your children, your passions, and what brings you joy. This Full Moon could be an important checkpoint that helps you assess your overall levels of satisfaction and happiness. Mercury is moving retrograde in Capricorn and opposes the Full Moon in Cancer which may emphasize a tension between your personal desires and what you think society expects of you. What feels important could be in a state of flux and it could become apparent at this time.

Mercury moves into the heart of the Sun for its inferior conjunction in the early morning hours of the 7th, after the Full Moon, marking an important point of its retrograde cycle. Mercury Cazimi is a brief period of time, just a few hours, that is said to bring insights or solutions and clarifications may come through talking with a friend or someone close to you at this time.

Mars turns direct in Gemini on the 12th so that this is a significant moment for you in your connection to home and family. Mercury ruling the sign of Gemini is still moving retrograde in Capricorn, and then recovering, through to the end of the month, which continues to highlight a revision process that might be taking place regarding your dreams, aspirations, your home, or a domestic situation. If something is not working quite right it may become more obvious over this month-long period; you need to be patient as things may not be as straightforward as you would like.

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives a day later on the 21st in the part of your chart that relates to the more subtle and introspective realms which for you signals the continuation of this reflective period. You may be compelled to take stock in the coming weeks as opposed to initiating major changes and Jupiter forming a sextile to the New Moon may find you focusing on your resources and values at this time. Venus is applying to conjoined Saturn in Aquarius which is exact a day later and might highlight the lessons of the past two years and the important teachings that came with them. This may be a time of withdrawal from active participation in life in order to more fully assimilate new energies that are waiting to emerge.

Venus enters Pisces on the evening of the 26th where it will be gracing your sign with creative and fecund influences until the latter part of February. Your entire outlook could be colored by the higher principles of love and compassion while Venus is in Pisces, emphasizing your giving and romantic nature in the coming weeks.

From January 28th to the 30th, the month closes with some supportive influences thanks to the Sun in your sign forming a grand trine with Mars in Gemini and the new planet Makemake in Libra. Mercury in Capricorn is also forming a trine with Uranus in Taurus. This dynamic arrangement might bring everything together into a more coherent whole. A clearer image of what you want in 2023 could be emerging at the end of January and although the work is only starting to jell, you may feel excitement for what the future has in store.

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