A March Month of Softness, Inner Light, and Change

A March Month of Softness, Inner Light, and Change

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The current month provides some very interesting astrological features, including the carry-over from the previous Aquarius lunation cycle that still has nine days to go as the March month begins, the Pisces New Moon of March 10th that features Mercury sextile transformative Pluto, the Aries Equinox signaling the arrival of spring, that is, in the Northern Hemisphere, and, toward month’s end, a lunar eclipse in early Libra that brings up some interesting astrological features. All through these various configurations, the presence of Pluto newly in Aquarius cannot be overstated as an underlying theme of transformational intensity, and this is the case as personal planets enter Pisces or Aries this month and briefly make aspects to Pluto, still remaining in the first two degrees of Aquarius. It is a new stage in the astrological landscape, and combines with the storied “Age of Aquarius” that is in its initiatory phase. We are all equally in a new stage of our own lives, and of the world situation as well.

First off, we might want to think about the power of the recent Aquarius New Moon, that featured an Aquarius line-up of planets and also a Mars-Pluto forming conjunction that emphasized the current potency of the Aquarius setting of the Lord of Death and Rebirth; in the sky, and in our earthly lives as well. Mars, located in this recent New Moon at the tail end of Capricorn, was conjunct this 0-degree Aquarius position of Pluto from out of sign, and thus contributed to the grouping of planets associated with Aquarius in this prior cycle. The legacy of the Aquarius lunation still lingers over the first week and two days of the March month.

The March 10th Pisces New Moon, at 20°of the sign, partakes of the softness and compassionate quality of mutable Water, ruled by numinous Neptune and traditionally by Jupiter. Pisces is the sign of endings and of the beyond, the prelude to the beginning of another brand new zodiacal cycle on the horizon. In this New Moon, in fact, there is the contrasting presence of Mercury at 0 Aries, sextile to the transformational powers of Pluto in the second degree of Aquarius. We thus have endings and beginnings both symbolized here, along with the basic mantra of the universe, and of Nature, and that is: Change. Tired of the contrary weather? Just wait a minute and see what you get. This idea of nothing staying static can be difficult to adjust to at times of course; we like our stability. But the other side of that coin is that there is always hope for the future.

This New Moon, like the several previous months before it, aspects Uranus in Taurus, a sextile, and features Mars, at 20° of Aquarius, in close square. Uranus represents the Trickster, always throwing a spanner into the works, and yet also redolent of novel ideas and energy for jumping the tracks of ordinary existence, ready for something completely new. Noted 20th century astrologer Jeffrey Green called Uranus “Freedom from the known.” This freedom symbolized by Uranus is another indicator, along with Pluto in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, of changes that are coming – further transformation – and these changes are essentially unknown.

We have also this month the arrival of the Spring Equinox, actually the fall season south of the equator, which takes place late evening of March 19th, around 8 PM PDT. This is of course when we have the Sun at the 0° mark of Aries, in sextile with Pluto, and therefore another configuration that is redolent of transformational change coming down. The Moon is also in the early degrees of a Fire sign, Leo, and from that vantage point opposes Pluto and squares the new Nature planet Haumea, making a T-square to Haumea. The import of Haumea is connection to Nature, and that we all have, deep within us, a sense of what is the right thing to do, and that at all times it is better if we can simply tell the truth, as difficult as that might sometimes be. As this archetype comes up in the context of our changes it seems evident that this idea of truth-telling is being tested in the current political climate here in the United States and elsewhere in this global society.

The Full Moon on midnight PDT, March 25th, Sunday night and Monday morning of the last week of March, is a lunar eclipse, making it an especially powerful lunation. It lands at 5° of Libra, ten degrees away from the South Node, and exactly semi-square to Uranus at 20° of Taurus. The eclipse Moon is also located near Makemake, another of these new Nature planets, this one representing environmental or social activism. Venus in mid-Pisces sextiles expansive Jupiter at nearly 16° of Taurus. Jupiter and Uranus, separated now by little more than 4 degrees, represents another hopeful astrological indication, representing the birthplace of a plethora of new ideas and understandings, in dazzling array.

As the March month unfolds, and as eclipse season ushers itself in, we are, as always, perched upon the precipice of our new self that is constantly dying to its older version and being reborn. This goes better when we can have faith in the universe, ultimately in ourselves, to see us through. The miracle of astrology can be a great solace, when we realize that we and the surrounding cosmos are, indeed, one and the same! As the 21st century perilously unwinds and new astronomical discoveries begin to weave themselves into our consciousness, they provide a timely nudge of even more evidence for the glory of the astrological picture of a mystical power that underlies all that we say or do. May your path take you onward, and your inner principles guide you, to a more vibrant and genuine future for ourselves, our community, and our planet.

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