A November of Growing Tension, Choices, and Contrasts

A November of Growing Tension, Choices, and Contrasts

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This month, arriving as it does in the midst of the Scorpio Season eclipse cycle, is something of a thorny one. The October 25th New Moon solar eclipse that preceded the November month featured the transformational effects of Pluto, Lord of symbolic death and rebirth, while the very magical and potent total lunar eclipse and Full Moon of early morning, November 8th, will be tension-inducing to the max, as progressive and conservative impulses within us battle it out for dominance. We will be feeling the joy of innovative potential solutions to perhaps formerly intractable life issues, together with the caution that naturally applies to any substantial departure from the behavior that we are most used to. An eclipse is always an extra-powerful lunation, and in this case features strong positions of trickster Uranus in Taurus, enunciating what is startling and brand new, versus the limitations implied in the antithetical archetype of crusty old conservative Saturn in Aquarius. Strongly pulled by both of these astrological factors, we will be at some pains to choose a forward path consistent with our own deepest principles. This eclipse configuration represents a final peak of the existing square between these two powerful outer planets, that has been active all last year and the beginning of this one, with Uranus urging us to strike out for new horizons, while Saturn wants to restrain us from such unexpected and uncertain growth, hollering “Not so fast, wait a minute, be careful!” This makes for a premium this month on discernment, and on tuning in to what we most deeply and sincerely hold inside, as we seek our most authentic stance.

The fact that Pluto is once again emphasized is quite significant, indicating that the transformational effects of this decade are still alive and well within us, as we respond to these amazing times. For me, one powerful realization that emerges from the dire eclipse energies culminating in the Tuesday, November 8th, timing of this extra-potent Full Moon is this: As disconcerting and stressful as times have been, leading up to this November moment, things do not get any better through to the ending of the year, and beyond. They are likely, in my estimation, to get even worse. With the dire social situation comes the impulse to look into what collective alterations and indeed, personally, changes within each one of us, might effect a more positive outcome for our society.

Mercury in the earlier solar eclipse configuration that initiated the 30-day lunation cycle covering the first three weeks of the November month, lies at 22 Libra, closely opposed t the new planet Eris, Feminine Warrior energy of standing your ground for specifically what you most deeply espouse as your own bottom-line principles. Eris is obviously an important factor as we attempt to make our way out of the disastrous social situation that has been allowed to happen here. Fascism is on the rise, quite similar to Nazi Germany in the economic crisis following WWII, and it will take all that we have got to contain it. We must also note that in the November 8th lunar eclipse event, the North Node is with the Moon rather than with the Sun, so that it might be said that thinking “out of the box,” rather than by means of traditional logic, could prove to be our best way forward.

The on-going T-square to Pluto from Eris in wide opposition to another new KBO planet, Haumea, representing profound connection to Nature, and to natural law, right action and right relationship, is also noteworthy. It will also take quite a lot of truth-telling to get us out of the world-wide situation that we find ourselves in; again, strictly in my estimation, the sooner this is recognized by a majority of the population the better.

In summary, difficult times call for difficult solutions. We are all, without exception, required to put our shoulder to the wheel of positive societal change. This transformation is actually a good thing for us, giving each one of us the opportunity to rise to the occasion. In the Chinese proverb, crisis means danger plus opportunity, something you might wish to reflect upon as you engage in discovering what part of the ongoing societal evolution that you support, and are able to affect. It must be remembered as well that you are equally engaged in working for your personal advantage as you discover in the process your own most authentic self.

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