Leo Horoscope for April 2023

Leo Horoscope for April 2023

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This is another month of thorough-going transformation, Leo, and it has to do with worldview and beliefs plus your key partnerships. The recent Equinox New Moon featured a stellium of six planets, including Sun and Moon, in your sector of higher mind. You are finding your way forward through a multitudinous variety of choices affecting career and deeper internal perspectives. Your journey of exploration becomes far more introspective in its orientation during the two weeks leading up to the April 21st station of Mercury to retrograde motion, and thereafter. For the last half of this month and the majority of the next you will find yourself re-thinking what you do out in the world from the standpoint of private interior matters in meaningful addition to normative business logic. Communication and learning are essential to this process, as well as trusting your intuition – or perhaps partners – to tell you true when consensus thinking and early conditioning fail you. You are on a mission to reinvent yourself in the way that you see the world around you, and your part within that, and do best to stay as open as you can to whatever reveals itself to you over this extended period.

The following was written by our guest columnist Geoff Gronlund of geoffgronlund.com

The Aries New Moon from March 21st was in your ninth sector of higher mind, travel, and education, along with a host of other planets, which may as April begins continue to influence a newfound passion to broaden your horizons and travel far and wide, if not physically then philosophically. Seeking out a greater understanding of life from a wide variety of ancient philosophies, religions, and cultures brings you closer to being able to form your own personal belief system, and this has probably been a guiding factor over the past few weeks. Taking what resonates with you from multiple cultural backgrounds helps form a more holistic and honest perspective of how you view the world and the people around you. And the verve and excitement to do this was likely reawakened within you around this time.

On April 3rd, when Mercury ingresses into Taurus, the ways in which you work, organize, and ultimately seek to achieve mastery of whatever you are striving for may begin to take center stage. This could be an excellent time to put the values of achievement and leadership at the top of your priority list. The theme of seeking more stability and sustainability in your career could color the entire month of April for you. And because of Mercury’s placement in your tenth sector of career and profession, plus its aspect to Pluto, it is important that you honor and respect whatever close relationships you are in while you are focusing on your personal achievements and successes. They may actually hold a valuable key to your progress.

On the late evening of April 5th, the Libra Full Moon lands in your sector of communication, curiosity, and education with the Sun closely conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which is also near Jupiter and in aspect to Trickster Uranus. This is a vivid and philosophically engaging combination. Because Chiron is conjunct the Sun, this key lunation could stimulate issues of inner wounding, likely the residue of early trauma, that has become more fully ripe for healing. It may be that you are feeling you did not have enough exposure to the diversity of the world growing up, and you are now trying to remedy that through expanding your horizons and studying a variety of ancient philosophies and cultures. The results of doing this, especially with a partner, can help you expand your consciousness to develop a richer sense of where you belong in the world.

Venus moves into Gemini late on April 10th, making a trine as she does to Pluto in Aquarius. This can rouse a growing desire and mental acuity to work with others in an organizational or group setting. When we work together with like-minded people, we can feel more confident expressing ourselves, which in turn creates enormous progress toward collective ideals.

The Sun joins Jupiter in Aries in your sector of higher education, distant travels, and other cultures on the same day, encouraging you to expand your consciousness by engaging with more diverse people to gain greater understanding and appreciation for humanity. Your feet might be itching to venture off around the world with naught but a backpack and a loved one.

As Mercury begins its early shadow period on April 7th, in Taurus, ahead of its upcoming retrograde cycle, be mindful that anything happening between now and mid- to late May is likely going to need to be revisited during the last part of May and into June after Mercury is actually retrograde (April 21-May 14) and then recovering (May 15-May 31). Because Mercury is in Taurus in your sector of achievement, recognition, and family traditions right now and through the retrograde period, you may be spending a good deal of time reexamining your reputation as an authority in a certain field, your relationships with your family members, or quite likely your career and how valuable and meaningful it is to you.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon takes place on the late evening of April 19th in the final degree of Aries, corresponding to your sector of higher education, distant travels, and other cultures, and it closely squares transformational Pluto, creating yet another fresh start, perhaps encouraging a complete transformational upgrade to an intimate relationship or inspiring you to develop a fresh new outlook or belief system. Your fiery desire to travel far and learn new things has likely captivated you over the past month, inspiring a renewed zest for life. Any aspirations to travel to distant lands to engross yourself in other cultures might be worth ceremoniously setting an intention for today.

This eclipse timing can also encourage you to take a closer look at how your career provides for your family and your sense of security and autonomy. It is vital during these times to not dismiss contemplating how much you value your career and whether or not it accommodates your needs on not just a financial level, but also in a way that gives you a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

The Mercury Retrograde begins on April 21st , and this period of time is good for reflective meditation and introspection to examine matters that have to deal with your career, self-sustainment, reputation, and achievement. It would be wise to spend this time analyzing how you are perceived by others as a mentor or authority in a certain field and if that might need to be reconfigured to address new issues that come to light. You are likely reconsidering certain choices you made that you now know were not in the best interest of your career or reputation. Whatever the case, a close reexamination of the results of those choices can help you adjust your tack toward more valuable ends by the time Mercury stations direct and goes through its recovery period throughout the May month.

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