Gemini Horoscope for February 2023

Gemini Horoscope for February 2023

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This is a month of digging deep, Gemini, and it does not need to be an unpleasant expedition. From the very beginning of February you are profoundly tuning in with your inner moral compass making of that a call to action in support of your internal intuitional understanding. Your inward reality is becoming more available to you when you can open to it, and is illogical and yet perhaps corresponding to a deeper truth than that of pure rationality. The February 5th Full Moon accentuates this attitude and brings partners more fully into the picture of what you are up to. The perspective provided by important others in your life encourages you to share with groups or friends, and perhaps to feel differently about what you are able to contribute to the society around you. The Last Quarter Moon of February 13th represents another shift in the energy and emphasizes a call to action along the lines of a renewed sense of life purpose. When the Pisces New Moon takes place a week later in your career sector, it represents a fresh start with your worklife responsibilities, and a growing intention to more greatly align outer world matters with inner values.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Keywords: Beliefs, Social Contribution, Contracts, Autonomy

The recent Aquarius New Moon from the last ten days of the previous month made a chime with your sign, being another Air sign, and you are still feeling the effects as February gets underway. Your belief system, worldview, and potential travel or educational plans come under this heading of a fresh start and a distinct focus brewing there, lasting for the first few weeks of the current month. Your unconscious process and your deeply held principles plays a central role here as well. You are committed at this time to more thoroughly examining your most basic assumptions, which likely stem in part from inner attitudes from blow the level of your more fully conscious interactions. You have been mulling over Intimacy issues with important partners for several weeks now, as Mercury, your ruler, ran retrograde through Capricorn, and then recovered its lost ground, and while that is ending the first weekend of February, it remains a major theme for the early part of the month, still affecting your thinking and deeper feelings regarding this significant area of life.

Mars has also been in your sign since last August and will continue to transit in your sign for another month and a half. Martial concepts like ‘’power’’, ‘’autonomy’’, ‘’self-assertion’’, ‘’anger’’, and ‘’vitality’’ may have been on your agenda for the past six months, which could have helped you get in touch with the less tolerant aspects of your nature. The power of Mars is not always easy to handle, especially in a culture where anger and self-assertion are often repressed in favor of keeping the peace. Most often than not, we turn our frustrations inward if we don’t have the proper outlets to express them. Mars turned direct a few weeks ago and will very slowly move forward through the territory it already covered last September. This means that you might have the opportunity to revise a situation or an arrangement where you may have felt angry or helpless and call your power back or integrate a situation more consciously. This month should bring important traction, especially if you had been feeling like your attention was scattered or that you were lacking the energy needed to move forward with your goals.

From the 3rd through the 5th, Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini, highlighting your aspirations and your determination to get ahead at this time. The first week of the month could therefore be busy and may bring into focus your vocation and public life. There might be new opportunities presenting themselves and you may have to juggle your personal life and social obligations more deliberately.

The Full Moon in Leo culminates in your communication sector on Sunday, February 5th, highlighting curiosity, learning, and communication, how you share what you know with others. It could be a terrific time to get your message across! If you have important things to share with the world, this Full Moon could be your cue to do so. With Uranus in Taurus squaring the Full Moon, there is such a plethora of new ideas bubbling up from your unconscious that you may also have to choose deliberately to limit your choices or perhaps not come across as stronger than you intended.

From the 9th through the 11th your unconscious fears could play tricks on you as Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn. Transformation of some aspects of intimate connection might also be indicated. You could tend to make your personal issues into social ones if you are not doing the introspective work necessary to separate the two. Mercury’s entry into Aquarius on the 11th should help bring a shift in the energy for you and greater sense of perspective and philosophical detachment. Feelings of overwhelm might begin to calm down.

On the 13th, the Sun and Moon in square together aspect nebulous Neptune in Pisces, planet of glamor and fantasy, and then on the 15th and 16th, Venus, planet of beauty, joins Neptune for an inspiring meeting in the sector of your chart that relates to your career and social participation. Although confusion of motives for yourself or others is one possibility here, there could be excellent prospects on your horizon and this could be encouraging, especially if you’ve been investing a lot of energy into your work. The Sun also conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius on the 15th through the 17th, providing as a backdrop an integrative influence to the learning experiences of the past two years. You could feel a new level of mastery in your chosen field and learning and teaching could feature strongly at this time. There can still be a lot of work that lies ahead, but take a moment to acknowledge how far you have come.

The Sun enters the Mutable Water sign of Pisces on the 18th and the Pisces New Moon arrives on the late evening of the 19th, early morning of the 20th, bringing a new cycle for your aspirations, your career or your place in the world, and your participation in your community. Your creativity and your social participation in the world around you get a boost at this time, and there is a general flow of optimism, perhaps laced with question marks concerning whether you feel good enough for success, stemming from old trauma. If such thoughts do come up this last week of the month represents an excellent opportunity to work though some of these issues and begin to accept yourself more fully and.

Venus’s entry into Aries later on the 20th could signal a more social period for you. Shared values may play a larger role in your vision of the future at this time.

The last days of February may also highlight your beliefs and philosophical inclinations in a major way. On the days between the 21st and 23rd, Mercury in Aquarius forms a square with Uranus and a trine with Mars in Gemini and this could bring lively debates and stimulating conversations. It might be easier to share your thoughts and unique perspective on current social issues and you may be more inclined to do so. Then on the 27th, the First Quarter Moon in your sign also brings socializing and relationships to the fore. The term: ‘’The personal is political’’ may be apt for your state of mind at the end of February.

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