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Gemini Horoscope for September 2019

Gemini Horoscope for September 2019

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

September is another rather intense month for you, Gemini. For better or for worse, you are drawn to the inside, bringing issues of home and family to the forefront. Old wounds could come up for healing and old dysfunctional habits melt away. You need to be strong at the core of your being to weather the transformational storm that is occurring within your heart and mind these days, and this month places the emphasis on securing that basis. Your intuition is extra-powerful now, so that you do well to pay the closest possible attention to all that you dream and imagine. The universe is nudging you toward your undeniable next evolutionary stage, and you win when you can take advantage of the tide that is turning within you. There is also an enormous focus mid-month with your outer world activities. You are sailing out of still harbors in bold new directions and while you must be prepared for difficult weather, it is far better than languishing in illusory stasis.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Adam Elenbaas of The Nightlight Astrology School

The month begins as Mercury in Virgo, your ruler, located in your fourth house of home and family, is making a trine to Uranus in Taurus in your twelfth house of dissolution, surrender, and self-undoing (September 1st). Then on September 2nd, Mars will be at the heart of the Sun (cazimi) in Virgo, and in your fourth house also. Because the recent New Moon from August 30th in your fourth house greatly emphasized this area of life, these influences will last for the entire September cycle. With Uranus involved, watch for a sudden or perhaps unexpected change of events, perhaps related to your family, which may be inspiring and positive while also forcing you to look inward or to explore some of your own personal shadows or doubts. You may also see that you are being empowered right now at the level of your roots, perhaps finding a deeper and stronger sense of inner strength. The need to act, think, and exist independently is likely to be quite pronounced, though it may also force you into a deeper examination of issues surrounding your home and family relationships.

Between September 2nd and 4th, Venus in Virgo in your fourth house will then oppose Neptune in Pisces in your eleventh house of work and career, bringing with it themes of romance and beauty, longing and loneliness, imagination and spirituality, perhaps again directly related to your home and family while also, now, engaging your professional life or the workplace.

Between September 8th and the 12th, the Sun and Mars in Virgo will then move through squares to Jupiter in Sagittarius in your seventh house of relationships, presenting an opportunity for cooperation with others, perhaps even spouses or romantic partners. While this should be a productive period, you may also notice that the energy is more intense, bigger, and more forceful or aggressive in general, so don’t be surprised if the aura of cooperation and productivity is also colored by some degree of competition or power-struggle.

Between September 13th to 14th, Mercury will conjoin with Venus in Virgo in your fourth house and them move, together, into Libra in your fifth house of joy, creativity, and good fortune. Watch for themes of artfulness and intelligence, communication and agreement, negotiation or analysis as well as synthesis and harmony. You may once again notice that these themes are constellating around the topics of home and family, or even children.

On The late evening of September 13th, the Full Moon in Pisces will fall in your tenth house of career, bringing an opposing tension from within the workplace, from a boss, or within your professional life. Given this Full Moon’s close proximity to Neptune, you may be asking yourself how much or how little you should compromise or sacrifice right now, either at home or at work, for the sake of those you love or for the sake of your own greater vision. Because Mars is also exactly opposed to Mars at this time, you could experience confusion or illusion, or a spiritual component, around friendships, groups you favor, and future plans. This is, in general, a confusing time.

Between September 21st and 22nd, Jupiter in Sagittarius in your seventh house of relationships and love will then square Neptune in Pisces in your tenth house, emphasizing a powerful and potentially dramatic moment in both your relationships and at work. This could be an incredibly inspiring if not surreal moment in your life. You may find that you and a loved one are entering a brand-new phase of life together, or that you are ready to start dreaming something into existence with someone close to you.

Between September 25th and 26th, Venus in Libra in your fifth house of creativity, good fortune, and children, will square Saturn in Capricorn in your eighth house of death, anxiety, and other people’s resources, just as Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is a growing up moment. You may be on the precipice of something very healthy and joyful coming into your life, while also saying goodbye to something or while going through a brief period of anxiety about what the future may hold, even if it looks exciting!

Finally, on September 28th, the New Moon will land in Libra in your fifth house, emphasizing the topics of creativity, joy, children, and good fortune for the next thirty days. It’s also an especially good time to go out with friends, to find new ways of joining together with others, being creative or finding new hobbies, for mending relationships or even deepening relationships with your children.

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