A Full Moon of Expansion and Depth

A Full Moon of Expansion and Depth

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The upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon arrives in our midst on May 23rd at 6:53 AM Pacific Time. Perched at 2º 55’ of the sign, the Moon inhabiting this mutable fire sign speaks of the human impulse to seek new experiences, explore the world, find richness, and create meaning. This Full Moon also happens to be making a partile or same-degree sextile to powerful Pluto, so that the Sun (opposite the Moon) is in a strong partile trine to Pluto.  These flowing aspects to Pluto from the luminaries may evoke deep stirrings of psyche, and prompt further enlargement regarding natural processes of change and of shedding old patterns. This year Pluto is making his way further into the opening degrees of Aquarius. This Full Moon highlighting his presence there may give us new clues as to what waves of generational transformation are equally in store for us accompanying this new era. In the Full Moon configuration we also see the Sun in an out-of-sign conjunction with Venus and Jupiter occupying the last degree of Taurus, giving important clues about where one phase of our lives might be ending, as another begins.
Pluto has been doing a “back and forth dance” between the last degrees of Capricorn and the first degrees of Aquarius, and the latter half of this year it will dip one final time back into Capricorn, before moving along into Aquarius on November 19th for its full 20+ year sojourn in this humanistic sign. We are therefore this year in our first movement, collectively, of discovering the nature of what Pluto in Aquarius may look like. The furthering of advanced technologies, such as the Internet itself – also particularly Artificial Intelligence – is one very prominent and undeniable force that has emerged over time, accelerating in recent months. Other themes we may see include: the breakdown and/or re-invention of humanitarian causes/efforts, changes within/emphasis on communities big and small, increased global interconnectivity, and shifts in the societal matrix and power structures.
That the Sag Full Moon and Gemini Sun are powerfully interacting in flowing aspects with Pluto at this current juncture signals the emergence of new insights into the thought forms and philosophies that are now being reformed – and this applies both personally and collectively. Strong Pluto signatures are rarely easy or pleasant, and this one may be no exception, yet it does have more of a palatable flavor because of the prominence of Jupiter in this Full Moon, and the fact of it's being illuminated through a softer trine and sextile, rather than a hard opposition or square.
The points of inquiry around such a massive topic are many, but a few starting points you may wish to consider around this Full Moon time are:

  • What is my relationship with technology? Am I actively choosing the ways in which I am participating? Are there ways I’d like to make different choices?

  • How informed am I on the latest advent of AI, and the perspectives of experts on how this powerful technology is already shaping our lives and our prosperity, and could continue to impact humanity?

  • Does my philosophy of life and belief structure feel true to who I am, and whether if so, or if not, how I have grown and changed in recent times?

  • Are there areas where I could get current with the stories I am telling myself?  Are the beliefs I hold about myself and the world empowering and compelling to me, or are they engendering patterns I no longer wish to further or participate in?

  • What causes, movements, and principles do I stand for? Where do I want to put my time, energy, and resources?

The other prominent aspect of this Full Moon chart is Jupiter conjunct Venus at the 29th anaretic (or last) degree of Taurus, making an out-of-sign conjunction with the Sun, and simultaneously a potent same-degree sextile with spiritually active numinous Neptune at 29th degree of Pisces. Jupiter has spent the last year or so in Taurus, and is about to enter Gemini on May 25th. In this Full Moon timing you may find an increased awareness of heart-space, plus heightened compassion and empathy for the plight of so many in our world. There is a tenderness and sweetness in this signature that can be a soothing balm for achy hearts. You may wish to seek environments that are conducive to feeling through what’s truly in your heart, and those who you feel safe to connect with in that space.
The fact that Haumea and Makemake, new 21st century Nature planets that our founder Henry Seltzer has been researching, are also powerfully aspected in this Full Moon configuration, by Pluto (in highlighted square with Haumea) and by Uranus (in sesquiquadrate with Makemake) also support the compassionate tenor of these times and the activist 1960s-like forces that seem to be engaged at the present moment.

In your own chart, you can look for first degrees of Sagittarius, or indeed any mutable sign, as an the area of life that this Full Moon will illuminate. Look to the cusp of Gemini for where something is drawing to a close, and another chapter coming to the fore. You can also look to the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, where Pluto has been visiting, to see where a longer and deeper transformative process has been and will be taking place over this year and into the next. 
This gently expansive and powerfully transformative Full Moon invites us both outward and yet also inward. The energy of the Universe that is coming to us now is urging us to be clear-eyed in the face of disruption, and to take our stand, where we can, toward what is before us in our external circumstances, while remaining lovingly present to our inner experience. These are not separate, but a continuum of motion, life, and energy, as the cosmos continues its dance with and through us. May we each find the rich metaphor of the Sagittarian archer’s bow, pulled back, ready and waiting, to propel us forward, further into the adventure of life, with all of its glory, enjoyments, uncertainties, pains, trials, and delights, and every flavor in between.

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