A Leo Full Moon of Finding Our Way

A Leo Full Moon of Finding Our Way

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The Full Moon in Leo taking place on January 25th at 9:54 am, PT, later of course for points east, is an extremely potent lunation that echoes themes for the entire year. The Full Moon configuration features a grand cross in Fixed Signs between Sun and Moon in opposition, squared by Jupiter in Taurus on one side, and the new Nature planet Haumea in early Scorpio on the other. The Sun at 5° of Aquarius remains fairly close to Pluto at 0°, and their midpoint of 2 ½ Aquarius is in a same-degree square with Haumea, while the Jupiter position of 6° Taurus is only one degree away from the Sun and Moon, so that the aspects making up the grand cross are all quite close! With that prominent placement of Jupiter, the symbolism suggests a trend toward optimism plus the accompanying caution not to go too far, too fast, as echoed by a highlighted Saturn, coupled with the potential indicated by Haumea of further exploring our connection – as we further progress in discovering our true life path – to to our own internal principles and values, and to Nature herself. This is an action-oriented Full Moon that signals a strong impact on our lives as, in the midst of the fragmented societal crisis of this decade, we struggle both personally and culturally to evolve.

My research on Haumea has indicated that she represents not only “profound connection with Nature,” a life factor that goes to depth with the psyche, but also connection to deep-seated principles of natural law which include concepts of right action and right relationship that we can come to as we mature. The current Full Moon, loaded with this symbolism in the potent grand cross described above, also includes close aspects to the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter from Saturn at 5° of Pisces. The Saturn and Jupiter emphasis reflects an important concern with events within the broader collective as affecting our personal thought process.

In this Full Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all contra-parallel to the Moon as well. This is another unique feature of this Full Moon chart, in bringing the personal planets into the picture as they all three align in Capricorn, one sign behind the Sun. We note as well that it is the Moon, representing emotional realities, that brings these in; Mercury for thoughtfulness, Mars for action, and Venus for including others into the plan and not only ourselves.

The other thing to bring forward here as well is the similarity of this Full Moon with the elements of the recent Capricorn Solstice from December 21st. As I was indicating in the Full Moon video, available on my YouTube channel, the Moon plays an important role in that chart, which carries significance for the 2024 year ahead. Back then, just as the Sun entered 0° Capricorn, the Moon was at 0° Taurus! Out of all the degrees in the Zodiac, one of the two degrees to be in perfect trine with the Sun degree at its ingress! Bringing in the Moon, along with Jupiter close by at 5° Taurus, with both opposite to Haumea at 1° 48' Scorpio in square, then as now, with Pluto, and with the Sun in conjunction at that time with retrograde Mercury, my thought was that public opinion might begin this year to have a salutary effect on elevating the global dialog toward more appropriate methods for dealing with conflict; this as the world gets smaller and smaller, and more like one huge country, reminding us of John Lennon’s dictum to “Imagine there’s no countries” if we can…

This is no time to hold back from involvement in the machinery of the world. The other enormous factor in this Full Moon is the renewed presence of Pluto at 0° Aquarius, conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, at the very beginning of this humanitarian-oriented sign. The era that we are now engaged in is shifting, in a way that brings out the fallacies as well as the strengths of our approach in this arena that includes the Internet, with all its information, and its spin, along with its outright lies. Will the advent of AI bring a new golden age to information and composition? Is Intellectual Property dead or at least in peril? And how much do you trust the governments of the world in this context of data on steroids? Time will tell, and the results will be influenced as well by the attitudes of us all.

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