A New Moon of Continued Transformation

A New Moon of Continued Transformation

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Monday morning’s Cancer New Moon at 24 + degrees of the sign, almost 25, takes place at 11:30 am PT, therefore early to late afternoon for points east, and is quite an active lunation, with the Sun and Moon in aspect to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and also Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt. Pluto, residing in late Capricorn, and opposed by this New Moon, has been featured in recent lunations. In this mid-July timing his transformational energies are thus still running high, and we are challenged to accept our fate in terms of structures and habit patterns to which we have long grown accustomed being in need of renovations, perhaps radical ones. Neptune in Pisces, also recently aspected in previous New Moons, lends a spiritual component to this situation, as well as a degree of confusion. With Neptune there is also the potential for over-idealization of goals, or even a tendency for self-deception. In this current lunation, the New Moon additionally makes a close square to Eris, Feminine Warrior archetype in support of Soul Intention, making this quite a potent configuration. In the midst of this difficult decade, you may very well be receiving a nudge this month from the cosmos toward advancing your steps to where your deepest and most sincere principles are leading you. This is encouraging you to inhabit your most authentic version of yourself, moving forward.

Cosmic Trickster Uranus, also featured in this New Moon configuration by a sextile from Sun and Moon, and placed in Taurus where the intuitional level of this transpersonal planet comes readily to the fore, brings us the potential for novel solutions to ongoing issues. And these may include that of choosing whether to sluff off the dysfunctional patterns of the past in favor of a more integrated, whole, and fulfilling future. Mercury is parallel this position of Uranus, and square to Jupiter, greatly enhancing the presence of the wily Trickster in our mental landscapes at this New Moon timing. Jupiter with Uranus, and they are currently themselves widely conjunct in Taurus, is well-known astrologically as productive of brilliant perception and unexpected illumination. I would say that the Fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio are the most affected. We all might be pining for these sorts of novel insights as vitally necessary now, to somehow pop us up and out of the fixed tracks that we have been running on.

In this regard, also, we will want to consider the position of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, which is also widely squared by this New Moon, and aspected by Saturn and Mars in their forming opposition as part of the New Moon configuration. Saturn aligned with Chiron reminds us to be sincere in how we deal with our dark places, the residue of poorly digested early trauma that has the tendency of becoming a walled-off complex within the psyche, isolated there unless and until loving attention is paid to this internal wounding in order to more greatly integrate all our parts as we move forward into greater wholeness. Mars in opposition to Saturn lends energy to this inner orientation, and also feels the limitation and boundedness of stern taskmaster Saturn, so that the outward activities associated with Mars are simultaneously stifled and brought to a greater concentrated awareness.

As we consider these significant aspects of the Cancer New Moon described above, we will also want to consider the positions of the new Nature planets Haumea and Makemake, residing in different areas of the Libra sign. Haumea around degree 29 is closely squared by Pluto, with the Lord of Death and Rebirth having retrograded back into the last degree of Capricorn. This is part of the long-running T-square that Eris in opposition to Haumea makes with Pluto, powerfully transformative, which is returning to potent alignment in this July timing. The New Moon position squares both Eris and Haumea, forming a grand cross. And then, too, this New Moon is closely quintile Makemake at 7 + Libra within 1 degree, while Uranus and Jupiter both aspect Makemake; Jupiter in fact makes a bi-quintile to Makemake with the New Moon at the midpoint. Haumea and Makemake are all about natural law, about right action and right relationship, and telling the truth, and therefore serve as a reminder of what it is to be truly in compassionate connection to the world of Nature that surrounds us. The realization that both of these newly discovered and named planets are well-aspected in this New Moon is quite significant for us humans as well, as we find our way forward in these troublesome times.

As we contemplate this engaging summer of 2023, may we consider more fully inhabiting our place in the ongoing evolution of our society and our world, and of the ecology that sustains us. This comprises all of Nature’s creatures – including the humans, and the Earth itself. And may we consider also, along with the dangers, the extreme beneficence of this life, this planet, this universe. So much cause to rejoice in the natural goodness of the life of our planet and to respond in the calling that we all have, as well, to protect her.

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