A Gemini Full Moon of Evaluation and Choice

A Gemini Full Moon of Evaluation and Choice

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The upcoming Full Moon culminates in the airy realms of Gemini, arriving in its exact position on December 7th at 8:08pm, Pacific time. Minds may be set ablaze, and communications colored by a fiery intensity around this Full Moon time. This is due to Mars’ presence making a very nearly exact conjunction to the Moon and opposition to the Sun. Mars is well into his retrograde journey, signaling a time when inner prevails over outer, and when much is up for reconsideration including our belly fire, forward momentum, relationship with anger, and action orientation. Mars being highlighted in this extremely close Full Moon indicates that we may be prompted into a brutally honest survey of our own inner world. Our thought patterns, sense of choice, and communication style could be up for a major audit.
This Full Moon is also echoing the energies of the recent Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, which had its 16-degree mark of Taurus conjunct Uranus’ presence, to the degree. This is repeated in the current configuration by Moon-Mars exactly 30 degrees away at 16 Gemini, and therefore brings that recent eclipse into the picture of this December event. We are  invited to look back on recent weeks with the potential for keener insight and even for startling epiphanies to emerge, now, on the process that is still unfolding for us as 2022 draws to a close.
Let’s take a closer look at the retrograde Mars’ conjunction with the Moon at 16 degrees Gemini. Mars rules over metal, blades, and things that cut or separate, and Gemini – the sign of the twins – looks at everything from multiple angles. This time may represent for you that things are feeling like they are coming apart at the seams. Perhaps your internal awareness has a quality in this December month of scanning, dissecting, pulling apart and putting back together again. Frustration or anger could be closer to the surface than usual, and these emotions can give you important signals and clues as to where your attention is needed.
Retrograde periods are a natural part of the cosmic cycles, and sometimes things need to disperse and become disorganized before they can fall back into their new and rightful place. A perhaps overly simplified – yet effective – analogy is the process of re-organizing a closet. The content must be spilled, scattered, piled and re-sorted before the items can return to order their rightful place. Oftentimes in this process things must become more of a mess before they can get settled and cleaned up, yet the end result is worth it when we’ve discarded what is outworn and no longer fits, have taken inventory of what we have available to us, and see what gaps need to be filled in.
And so, looking at it in this way, we may be in the midst of a great internal reorganization, regarding our thoughts, beliefs, sense of choice, and willpower. This Moon might help us see with striking clarity what needs to be discarded, what needs to be mended, what is good to stay. We might be made more aware as well with what we might be missing and where we need new resources or information. My encouragement to you is to allow for spaciousness. Try not to get too fixated on any one course of action at this time. Sitting with openhanded presence with the process that is unfolding for you can allow divine wisdom to pour through and allow you to put the pieces back together in their most intelligent design. This asks of us our trust that when things look messy there is a divine order in the chaos that is perhaps larger than our singular viewpoint can perceive.
Speaking of trust in the Universe – we also have Neptune stationing direct in Pisces just a few days prior to the Full Moon on December 3rd, greatly heightening its numinous influence. This gives another big nod in the direction of open awareness and leaning into trust that there is a greater wisdom to what’s unfolding, perhaps one we can’t see clearly with our rational mind, but can sense and feel with intuitive knowing and our awareness of the unseen forces that shape our world. Most simply put: trust in your process!
Let’s not forget that even in the midst of all of this, we are in Sagittarius season, and that levity and laughter are the excellent medicines of this sign! We might do better at this time by not taking ourselves too seriously. If you can tune in with the hallmark of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in playfulness and celebration, you might wind up feeling that it is an excellent time to lean into what brings you giggles, gratitude, and active moments of joy.
We at TimePassages are wishing you, one and all, deep support, inner wisdom, and ample love and laughter as we celebrate the last Full Moon of 2022!

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