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A Taurus Lunar Eclipse of Evolutionary Progress and Tangible Change

A Taurus Lunar Eclipse of Evolutionary Progress and Tangible Change

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The first lunation of this coming eclipse season takes place on Friday, November 19th, with a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus, the effects of which will set the stage for the following six months. Exact at 12:57AM Pacific time, in 27º Taurus, this extra powerful Full Moon eclipse marks an impactful turning point. We can look to the sign it occupies for the themes that it will influence, and also for where in your own birth chart it might touch your evolving consciousness and transform you. (Pro-tip: check your birth chart for fixed signs placements, especially in the later degrees.) The Moon in Taurus,  the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, represents the stability, endurance, and the materiality of our world, including issues around tangible resources, food, money, embodiment, comfort, and sensuality. Eclipses are innately intense and transformative, so what tends to be helpful around this time is to create space for intentional reflection, observation, and presence to meet whatever may be arising within you. This configuration is potentially preparing the way for far-reaching energetic shifts.
Perhaps the most notable aspect pattern in this Lunar Eclipse chart is that the Moon and Sun in opposition make a T-square to Jupiter, at 24º Aquarius. Jupiter, generally regarded as the bearer of good fortune, can often bring with it buoyancy, positive outlooks, and access to new potentials.  It can also magnify whatever it touches, be that for better or worse, and will have an influence of amplifying patterns around over-indulgence or excessive consumption. T-square configurations can be fraught with tension and feelings of being gridlocked and ready to burst.
In this case, Jupiter in Aquarius is one significant point for this intense Eclipse energy to gather and focalize. Perhaps this symbol is indicative of humanity’s rapidly increasing and shifting dependence on technology and the internet, and its path towards globalization. It may be coming to show us the double edged sword of technology, in the incredible ways it improves our quality of life, yet also the tremendous dangers it holds for humans as organisms whose brains have not been evolved to interface with screens all day long and the onslaught of information that comes with that. One invitation of this Eclipse on a personal front may be to take a technology-use inventory for ourselves and our households, and evaluate how screen time is impacting our well-being. You may ask yourself, how is technology enhancing my life experience, and how is it detracting? When I reach for my phone or the remote, what am I seeking?
It’s important to note that this eclipse is also impacted by other planetary influences. We find Pluto at 24º Capricorn, aspecting the T-square to Jupiter and also closely sextile the Sun/ Mercury midpoint at 24 Scorpio and square to Eris at 23º Aries, with both of these powerhouse outer planets making multiple aspects to the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. Pluto adding its transformative spice to the sauce reveals the path that leads deep beneath the surface and into the core of our compulsions, drives, and addictive tendencies.   Eris, Feminine Warrior for Soul Intention, plants another stake in the ground for us to make progress with our unique evolution by not taking the status quo at face value. We make progress when we can instead deeply question and inquire what it is that truly enlivens us, thus drawing us forth toward our most profoundly expressed and purposeful Selves.  
We find as well in this potent eclipse configuration a further emphasis on Trickster Uranus, also featured in the recent Scorpio New Moon from early November. Uranus  in mid-Taurus is opposed by Mars at its rulership in Scorpio and trined by Venus. This lets us in for more strangely relevant events and synchronicities that can shed revelatory truths when we manage to remain open and accepting of their implied wisdom. Relationships might take an unexpected turn. These energies also tend to increase the tendency for accidents. Sometimes mishaps are unavoidable, and actually provide us with divinely timed lessons; yet having care and bringing extra mindfulness to situations can also help avoid unnecessary problems. Mars opposite Uranus can additionally put us in touch with our willpower or prompt us to unearth non-optimal aspects of our lives by a shock of recognition that allows us to get unstuck.  This innovative creativity to shift behaviors and mindset is crucial to provide breakthrough beyond cemented unhealthy patterns that have long remained in place. 
These energies can bring up a whole spectrum of experience for us all, and while the potential for growth and evolution is immense, the portal taking us through is intense and can feel exhausting. I want to encourage everyone in this eclipse time to be extra gentle and kind to yourself, and to others. It is also a good time to remember to take good care of your body, check in on loved ones, and, when need be, to reach out for support from trusted allies. May this Taurus Lunar Eclipse bring you healing, deep reflection, and a greater embodied expression of your own unique truth.

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