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A Libra Full Moon of Valuing Self and Other

A Libra Full Moon of Valuing Self and Other

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This Libra Full Moon coming up this weekend, exact on Sunday, March 28th, at 11:48 a.m., Pacific Time, is a rather intense lunation. It is here to illuminate the incredible complexity and nuance of the human relational experience and to shine a light on our core values, including how we value ourselves. The Sun and Moon are at 8+ degrees of Aries and of Libra, and the Sun is joined by Venus and Chiron as I will discuss in depth below. Libra’s mode is Cardinal, it is of the air element, and is ruled by Venus, prominent as well in this dynamic Full Moon. It is represented by the scales and is best known for its sense of balance, fair mindedness, and inclination toward weighing perspectives and options. As Libra naturally falls in the 7th house position and is ruled by Venus, this sign also lends our awareness towards beauty, harmony, human connection, and relationship.

Each Full Moon activates an axis of the zodiac as it is always the time when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite from one another. In this case, we are considering the Aries-Libra axis: the forward driving, self-oriented, fiery burst of Aries, opposite the soft, other-oriented, gentle airs of Libra. Aries asks us to get in touch with our desire, passion, drive, and belly fire. Libra asks us to step beyond our own needs and wants and into a consideration of ourselves and our hearts in the context of connecting with others. These energies are intrinsically linked and are both valuable, important aspects of life.

This Full Moon is particularly activating on the Aries side of this equation as the Sun is in a partile (same degree) conjunction with Venus and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at 8+ degrees of Aries. A further element to consider is the revolutionary influence of Uranus occupying the same respective degree in Taurus making a semi-sextile with the Aries stellium and an inconjunct with the Moon. Let’s break this down. During the Full Moon, things are peaking, coming to light, and becoming illuminated or revealed to us. The Moon in Libra is about the emotional resonance of encountering multiple perspectives and views, both internally within ourselves and externally in others, and the maturity and capacity required to be able to hold opposing viewpoints simultaneously. The Sun in Aries is about shining in our sense of self and our desire-nature. Venus in Aries places an emphasis on relating in uncensored and direct ways, and looking at how we do or don’t honor and embody our self worth and core values. Chiron in Aries with Venus and the Sun may bring up wounding around the ways we’ve become disconnected from our life force and passion, especially where we may have misshapen ourselves to stay safe in the context of human relationships and matching our cultural conditioning. It is important to feel the emotions that arise around this, and also an opportunity to witness and befriend these hurt places, welcoming them into the whole of our experience. Our own Loving Intention and Witnessing can act as a salve for the original hurt.

While strong Chiron signatures bring up pain and early wounding, this also means there’s a heightened opportunity to heal the pain and wounds. These can be of a personal nature or societal one. This configuration could also bring up collective pain given the isolation, limited contact, and loss so many are experiencing in the context of COVID. I offer you a gentle reminder to open to the healing potential within you, and as well, to reach out to your trusted allies in this process – be that family, friend, therapist, coach, or astrologer for support and reflection in your process.

Some helpful questions to ask ourselves as potential access points in working with this Full Moon configuration may be: What are some of my core values in the context of human connection? In what ways do I value myself? In what ways do I have a hard time loving myself, and can I offer myself acceptance there, now? Are there places and times when I abandon my own sense of what is true in order to remain in relationship and belonging? If yes, am I willing to experiment with standing in my truth, even if it “rocks the boat?” Am I able to stand in my own perspective and be curious about someone else’s perspective, even if it’s different from my own? How do I hold my own seat of power in a way that creates space for others to be in their power, too?

The last point of contemplation I will discuss for this Full Moon is the proximity of the dwarf planet Makemake to the Moon, just two degrees away at 6° Libra. What Henry Seltzer is discovering through his research on this planetary body is an influence emphasizing environmental matters and natural law, especially taking an activist stance to protect the Earth. There may be a heightened sense of awareness around our environment, climate change, and relationship to nature during this Full Moon time. It may also be embraced as an opportunity to go to our favorite outdoor place, and be with the Earth, sky, stars, plants, and animals in a way that feels connective and nourishing. I also personally invite you to choose a single act or new commitment to contribute to sustainability efforts on our planet.

During these continually intense and rapidly changing times, may we find our reflection in the stars. May we utilize the messages from the surrounding cosmos for healing, new paths of connection, self-love, and embodiment of our Truest Selves.

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