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A Full Moon of Dynamism and Contribution

A Full Moon of Dynamism and Contribution

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The Aquarius Full Moon, taking place on July 23rd at 7:37 p.m. Pacific Time shines a brilliant light into our world this weekend. When the Moon is Full in Aquarius, it means that the Sun is in the opposite sign of Leo, where it is most at home. With the Moon in Aquarius we find an emphasis on a future-oriented mindset, technology, and innovation. It turns our eyes to the state of collective humanity, and our ability to help that along, as we consider our unique place in the beautiful web of life. The Sun in Leo opposite this Moon brings our attention to our sense of self in an individual capacity, and the further expression of self in creative, outward ways that can help others as well as ourselves.  This Aquarius-Leo axis of the Zodiac is of the fixed modality, which is marked by stability, yet it is also of Air (Aquarius) and Fire (Leo), which can be changeable and even volatile.  The combination of these qualities creates a dynamic energy for this end of July timeframe and on into August. The Full Moon astrological patterning points to places we can find support to stay the course and double down on where we feel truly called, and find some extra-potent fuel to enact change in our lives exactly where we find it necessary. 
One of the prominent aspects in this particular Full Moon configuration is a very close Jupiter-Venus opposition.  Jupiter is retrograde in the very 1st degree of Pisces, meaning he is just about to re-enter the previous sign of Aquarius until late December, and Venus has just entered into Virgo.  Jupiter had only dipped his toes into the first few degrees of Pisces, his happy place, during May and June before turning retrograde on June 20th. Now, as he aspects Venus right before slipping out of Pisces in a backward direction, he marks an excellent time to reflect on what helps us to feel expansive in our Spiritual Selves, and what core values that we hold and could magnify in order to help anchor ourselves in a greater sense of wellbeing.
Another notable configuration of this Full Moon astrology is Mercury at 21° Cancer forming a trine with Neptune in Pisces and, more loosely, an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. This continues the emphasis on Neptune, which with regard to mentality can indicate possible deception of self or other and over-idealization. Discernment is therefore key at this time, and keeping in mind that we each operate with a variety of cognitive biases. Perhaps questioning our own entrenched beliefs and inhabiting an open mind to greet the constantly changing territory of our world is the invitation, here.
We can also consider that Eris is occupying a similar degree in Aries, and Mars in Leo, as well.  With a complex and rich web of connection being woven between all of these archetypes, what comes to the fore is utilizing the power of our mind, and our communication, as well as a sense of personal agency to understand and engage with the greater collective turnings of humanity. Similar to the theme expressed by this Aquarius Moon, and by Jupiter-Venus, we are enjoined to use our sense of inner understanding and deep principle to do that which we ultimately must; that which we cannot not do.  As much continues to transform and evolve in our world, we are faced with having more and more information available to us in any given moment, and more choice points than ever in terms of how we decide to direct our precious awareness and life-force energy. In simplified terms, Pluto asks us to evolve, Neptune asks us to trust in the face of uncertainty, and Eris asks us to stake our fierce claim on what we know in our Soul to be true. Tall tasks indeed these times are asking, yet each of us will have vastly different ways and timing in our cycles of development, and I also want to stress the nonlinear nature of growth, and encourage gentle self-acceptance be held in equal measure to focused change and transformation.
These are truly exceptional times that we are, each one of us, living through. Tying to the Aquarian themes of this Full Moon, and with Saturn and soon-to-be Jupiter in Aquarius as well, I believe we are being afforded immense potential for gaining new access and dimensionality to our own unique brilliance, and for increasing our individual contribution to the collective as a whole.
With Aquarius also being a signifier of forms of practice such as astrology, we may also ask ourselves how we can lean into this beautiful ancient practice and apply it to our modern times and choices. It is one of the most powerful systems we have to actively dance with our own unique blueprint – our birth chart – as well as an ongoing interplay of energies that illuminate how we may grow over the course of our lives. During this Full Moon time, may we each endeavor to foster increased awareness of ourselves as we contribute to the greater Good. May we be supported and guided by the Divine intelligence that is here to help us birth ourselves into the emergent and continually evolving world.

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