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A New Moon of Metamorphic Brilliance

A New Moon of Metamorphic Brilliance

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The New Moon taking place in Capricorn on the late evening of January 12th, PST, early morning the next day for EST and locations east, marks the beginning of the first lunar cycle of 2021. Coming to exact at 23 + degrees of Capricorn, the Sun and Moon together are in a very close conjunction with powerfully transformative Pluto, at 24, marking yet another strong lunation, and another hallmark moment for humanity to engage with the ongoing intense struggle of our collective journey. For the sake of looking at what this New Moon signals for our awareness, we can hear its sacred call to be actively engaged in our personal growth and healing, and to heed where that process ties into overarching collective turnings and the evolution of our society itself. These times are asking us as individuals to find what is uniquely ours to engage with and to advocate for. Each of us is incarnated on this Earth for a beautiful reason, and our active engagement contributes to the greater whole in ways we may not even be fully able to comprehend. In this New Moon we are invited to dive more deeply into our own unique contribution.

This New Moon placement is also forming a nearly exact square with Eris at 23 + degrees of Aries, therefore emphasizing the ongoing long-term square of Eris to Pluto. The symbolic force of Eris is coming into the astrological zeitgeist in a similar fashion to Pluto in the 1930s of his discovery, being now of the very same astronomical classification, and proving to be just as powerful and impactful in charts. She is a feminine warrior archetype, representing fierceness and intention-full purpose on a Soul level, and points our growing inner awareness as to what we believe at the most profound level. This might turn out to be a cause that we value so deeply that we are willing to stand up for it, fight, and be counted. Being square to Pluto, this strong Eris archetype comes with the natural process of allowing the ways which no longer serve us to fall away into the proverbial compost bin. The energy of this New Moon therefore indicates a deeply vulnerable yet incredibly potent moment of coming into awareness of who we are becoming. We may ask ourselves, how do we both take a stand for our beliefs, while also remaining open to being re-shaped and changed as we uncover hidden layers and transform ever deeper into our true expression of Self? How can we call upon the surrounding Universe to guide and support us in these times?

Capricorn energy invites us into a keen awareness of the preciousness of our life force as we strive to contribute and take personal responsibility for our impact that ripples out into the world and into future generations. With Saturn and Jupiter having newly arrived in Aquarius, there is a strong turning toward the themes of global community, novel innovation, and forward thinking. Yet with Pluto due to remain in Capricorn for another few years (it enters Aquarius in January 2024), this New Moon reminds us of the Capricorn values of conserving what presently exists that is still of use, and being calculated in our choices. The idea with this mix of Capricorn and Aquarian energies is to take that sober minded approach while also tuning into the new pathways of cultural collaboration that wish to be birthed – through us – with this new cycle of Aquarian influence.

The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that took place in December, right at the beginning degree of Aquarius, is still fresh in cosmic memory and in energy. As the two were recently visited by Mercury, this configuration is eliciting a current renaissance in society and culture. We are also seeing Saturn and Jupiter draw into a square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, just as Mars is simultaneously closing in on a conjunction with the awakening energies of the Trickster planet. The tension created by this configuration is disruptive in its nature, disruptive in our sphere, dismantling that which can no longer continue forth as the preexisting status quo. This energy is inviting forth our awakening into the present moment, while shaking from slumber those aspects of our psyches that try to avoid being present with inconvenient and uncomfortable truths. We can no longer afford to be lulled by a sense of false security, and instead are invited into Presence, finding our resiliency amidst revolution and change, coming ever more courageously into the sacred space of each existent moment.

Our brilliance and potency lies in the heart of every breath, when we can find connection to our Essential Nature – that aspect of our Being connected to a Divinity far vaster and wiser than the extent of our personality and ego. As we navigate into the territory where we are each interfacing with the uncertainty of our world, what might be crucial now is finding somatic, spiritual, and therapeutic practices that allow us to remain connected to this kind of awareness.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon degree of this lunation is also quite potent. It is, “A woman entering a convent,” reminding us of dedication to inner purpose. Marc Edmund Jones, in describing this symbol, writes of the satisfaction of one’s life hinging on an enduring sense of connection to a significance larger than the individual self. He points to a participation in life that is dedicated to that larger cosmic sense of the community of life and natural order. Indeed, our talents and service are lifted up when we aim to contribute to that greater flow of Life. In these intense and tumultuous times, may we find grace, resilience, and kindness for self and other. May we anchor ourselves in the present moment, thereby allowing ourselves to be an expression of our own Divine Brilliance. May we be touched and changed by the ever-present miracle of life, as we forge on into the uncharted territory of our own unfolding.

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