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A New Moon of Transformation, Reflection, and Consciousness

A New Moon of Transformation, Reflection, and Consciousness

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This coming Sunday’s New Moon in the mystical sign of Pisces takes place in the early morning of February 23rd, on the west coast, which will be later morning or afternoon for the east coast and for points farther east. This New Moon also features the Sun and Moon in conjunction with a retrograding Mercury – moving toward its March 9th station to direct motion in late degrees of Aquarius – with Mercury also closely aspecting Pluto and Eris, plus making interesting angles to Jupiter and Saturn. Because Mercury makes such dramatic aspects now, being located at very nearly the midpoint of the Pluto- Eris square that essentially lasts all year, we will want to ask ourselves questions about conscious awareness of the major changes going on in our individual lives, and in the life of the culture that surrounds us and in which we have our social being. One thing is for sure, the major structural changes that we see happening in the society, and in our own lives as well, will continue. This Mercury Retrograde period, punctuated now by this spiritually oriented New Moon in forming conjunction with Mercury, represents an excellent time to reflect on where you have arrived thus far, and to assess what you think might actually be going on with you, following the intensity of January, and as you head further into a dramatic and pivotal year. We will need 2020 vision, in fact, to take in and begin to integrate all that is going on within us. And in this timing, the message of Pluto- Eris is clear; as you go through the major changes of this climactic year, you must simultaneously dig deep inside to discover what you most sincerely believe, articulate these values, and then begin to act upon them. You win when you can honestly state that you are acting in accordance with all that you hold inside, and acting only from these bottom-line values, immune to the opinions of others, and, more generally, to the sway of consensus thinking, thereby inhabiting your own authentic self.

Of course, it is also necessary to take stock of where the consensus is heading as you make your own way forward. In this Mercury Retrograde period of time we are likely to be looking more closely into nearly everything that affects us, attempting to see into the actual truth of the matter. The fact that Mars at the 4-degree mark of Capricorn is emphasized now as well by the strong sextile to this New Moon implies that, as we do our analysis, we are seeking the best possible outcome for this evolving society. The highest impulse of Capricorn is the betterment of the society as a whole.

With Uranus emphasized in this New Moon, there are sure to be surprises also to contend with as we move forward with our own personal evolution, and that of the social setting that we find ourselves embedded in. Surprises, and unexpected enlightenment "in the strangest of places" that may well stem from a deep process of intuition. Chiron too is emphasized now, and in combination with Uranus, so that what we find within ourselves might be able to aid in better understanding our inner wounding, and to help us move forward with our healing.

Finally, it is fascinating to note that the earth-oriented newly named planets beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt, Haumea and Makemake, are also highlighted in this New Moon configuration. Saturn has come to the point in Capricorn, at 27 plus degrees, where is closely squares the position of Haumea at the same degree of Libra, while the nodal axis lies in partile square to Makemake at 6 ½ degrees of this sign. I feel that this implies, especially over these next thirty days, further moves toward ameliorating the climate change crisis barreling down upon us all like a runaway train, and greater consciousness surrounding earth issues in general.

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