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Capricorn Horoscope for July 2022

Capricorn Horoscope for July 2022

Posted on in Capricorn |
By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This is another important and climactic month for you, Capricorn. There are quite a few outer-planet aspects in support of transiting Pluto in your first or identity sector, which would seem to indicate that the metamorphosis of your self-concept continues. What most poignantly combines with this ongoing thrust as well is that partners are involved, together with an enhanced understanding of your own inner world. This month represents an entirely fresh start for you on all kinds of relationship, plus the way that these reflect back to you and your own process. Indeed, also affected – especially in the critical juncture of the month’s first week – are potentially difficult issues from your own inner depths, as you can manage to explore these. Your work in the world comes into play now as well, and whatever moves you in the way that derives strictly from the standpoint of your internal sense of right action and right relationship. You are in the midst of a terrific arc of developmental growth, and you would not want to falter in the midst of it; rather, keep sailing.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The New Moon in Cancer from the end of June, the 28th, kicked off a fresh cycle centering on your relationship sector. This month you could find yourself revisiting agreements and balancing your needs with the needs of others. You may become increasingly aware of your relationship dynamic, including which of them offers you the support that you need versus the ones that might feel insufficient or demanding. This is also about the reflection that partners give you in a way that aids your own process of assessing your self-concept. In this regard, power struggles could be one way this manifests, especially if you’ve felt that your autonomy is infringed upon. It may be important to acknowledge your frustrations so that you can consciously communicate them with others. Over the course of July you may have to adjust your expectations in your dealings to ensure that both parties are getting their needs met. Negotiations are likely, and the process could be rewarding once adjustments are made and things get more clearly defined.

Culminating also on the 1st we find Mars in Aries squaring Pluto in your sign. This is an aspect that must be handled with care. You may have more perseverance than usual to tackle difficult tasks, but you may also have less patience for things that stand in your way. This energy could be utilized for progress in your chosen field. Physical exercise could be a good way to release tension. During these first few days of the month, it may be easier to focus on your own goals.

On July 4th, Mars enters Taurus and Mercury simultaneously moves into Cancer, and these ingresses could bring a welcome change of pace that could help you move ahead with a project in the following weeks. Romantic scenarios that were on hold could potentially be reawakened, and you could get increasingly more open to what others bring to the table. Mars in Taurus could reignite your sensual side, while Mercury in Cancer may bring a more empathetic influence to relate with others.

The First Quarter Moon in Libra on the 6th is a dynamic one that could highlight a tension between your private life and what you are trying to accomplish in the world. You may have a pivotal realization that helps you make an important decision in the coming days. The Sun in Cancer illuminates your partnerships and the square from the Sun to Chiron in Aries on July 7th and 8th may challenge you out of your comfort zone. You or a partner could be overthinking or exaggerating the importance of something as Mercury squares Jupiter late on July 8th. This series of aspects could be productive in the long run and offer you insights into what you truly want.

The Full Moon in Capricorn represents another significant juncture, taking place on July 13th. You may find it difficult to be vulnerable but you could be called to do so, and to further transform. This Full Moon in your sign could highlight your desires and your needs quite clearly and serve as a culmination process for something that has been building up. This is a good opportunity to take stock of where you are at and perhaps simply surrender to the process of getting to know yourself better. Venus in Gemini is trine Saturn in Aquarius in this Full Moon, speaking to the ability to rationally assess your values in order to find greater harmony. Venus in Gemini is also receiving a square from Neptune in Pisces, which has the potential to bring in a ton of inspiration. It's a good time to write down your ideas and let the flow of Spirit guide you.

Mid-July is also marked by the superior conjunction of Mercury with the Sun in Cancer on the 15th and 16th, which continues to bring clarifications especially for your partnerships. Venus enters your opposite sign of Cancer on the 17th which may bring greater opportunities to connect soulfully with others now and over the coming weeks. Relationships could however remain a tricky emotional landscape to navigate mid-July and it may be important to stay vigilant in order to avoid difficult power dynamics.

On the 18th and 19th, Mercury and the Sun in Cancer directly oppose Pluto in your sign, bringing your personal metamorphosis once again to the fore. It may feel as if people are pushing your buttons more easily although you do well to concentrate on your own end of this. Awareness is key with these types of transits which may allow you an opportunity to acknowledge fears or control issues and to be able to integrate them more consciously.

Mercury enters Leo on the 19th and the Sun follows suit on the 22nd which will continue to bring attention to your partnerships and agreements. Themes of intimacy, shared partnership resources, and business-related contracts could come up over the next thirty days while the Sun travels in Leo, and you may be more aware of your needs versus the needs of others.

Benefits coming from your alliances are strongly highlighted in the latter part of July. On the 23rd, Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries brings an expansive and passionate influence especially in your private life or home environment while Venus in Cancer squaring Jupiter as well could bring much of the same. There is an intense yet exciting energy permeating the last week of the month although this could play out behind closed doors. On the 25th and 26th, Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Taurus which may bring heartfelt relationship exchanges. It may also feel harder to convince others of your perspectives because of inflexibility coming from you or from a partner. Things could get more unstable and unexpected events could occur with your partnership communications toward the Leo New Moon, due to Mercury coming to a square with Uranus. Hard work could be required to get where you want to go, while breakthroughs are still more than possible with proper planning.

The New Moon in Leo at nearly the end of July on the 28th speaks of the beginning of a new cycle for intimate and business partnerships that will unfold during the August month.

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