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Aries Horoscope for December 2020

Aries Horoscope for December 2020

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

This month of December, as an extremely difficult year ends, stays problematic for you, Aries, in many ways a continuation. And yet, there are definitely rays of hope for you as well, especially in the area of future plans unfolding. You are moving forward in new ways, invested in a new order of spiritual complexity. A novel amalgam is called for; Spirit and matter are no longer distinct. As your beliefs and principles continue to evolve, responding to the transformational tenor of the times, your worldview becomes your guiding light. While there is a definite possibility of continued material instability, this becomes by a figure-and-ground reversal an opportunity to begin letting go. Old and outmoded straightjackets of belief regarding material success may no longer serve you. The trick is to remain cautiously optimistic, and to stay as open as you can to possibility. Scenarios of troubled outcomes that seem like dark fantasies can take on outsize significance until you rein them in. This is in fact an immensely powerful and positively generative month when you look at it right.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini that took place just on November 30th, as December begins, may have brought up how tirelessly active you can be about attempting to make up your mind. Opinions intrigue you. You can be infinitely curious about what people think, particularly the people you respect and admire. Communicating is actually really important for you even though some may say that you seem way too self-confident to care, and this start of the winter eclipse season might bring out your communication frenzy in spades. There is a strategic advantage in knowing. The Gemini eclipse brings up the current learning journey you are on, including how you process information and form your opinions. Ever since the recent New Moon in Scorpio, from mid-November, you may have realized how much energy you actually put into obsessing over things. With Mars having transited in Aries for such a long period of time, since July, you are re-learning to streamline your thinking more efficiently — which also means letting go of self-defeating patterns or pointless obsessions.

On December 1st, Mercury enters Sagittarius, bringing speed and vision for your current trajectory. It’s been a year of delays. However, the second half of December will have a lot more motion to support the implementation of your goals if you can wait and plan until then. You may be busy during the first week of December adapting to a new trajectory. On the 5th and 6th, Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune may take over your imagination and throw you slightly off trajectory. Your collaborations are highlighted but you may have to guard yourself against idealizing someone or something. You might be doubting your intuition or you may feel like someone has something that you need.

The general lack of clarity continues into the second week of December when the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces blurring the lines between vision and wishful thinking. It may be hard to know where things are heading right now but it's a good time to get more creative and fluid with your process especially if you can push any important deadlines towards later in the month. Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune on the 13th, and this can bring up confusion or possible misunderstandings but it can be a good aspect for work that requires your imagination. 

The total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius taking place on Monday, December 14th, is in perfect trine with Eris and also trines Mars in Aries, linking speed and vision. You might be enabled to get a hit on your soul intention, along with the impulse to act upon that inner understanding. You may have to trust your instinct to navigate the time period of these next 30 days to six months, but something keeps coming along to reassure you and to confirm that you are on the right path. The territory may look very foreign at the moment but you are getting your bearings, and maybe even finding the tools that you will eventually need for the job.

On the 15th, Venus enters Sagittarius, auguring pleasure through learning, and teaching. There could be a form of support available that you hadn’t thought about until now. Obstacles could vanish if you keep your mind open, stay flexible, and be willing to change your trajectory as you go.

On December 16th-17th, Saturn re-enters Aquarius which is good news for you. It initially entered Aquarius in March but retrograded back into Capricorn where it’s been squaring your sign for the last two and a half years. Saturn in Capricorn has challenged you and forced you to realign yourself especially career-wise. Saturn in Aquarius for the next two and a half years means you may be forging yourself into new roles concerning your goals and visions. You may become increasingly interested in groups of people that can offer an innovative edge longing to participate in reshaping better communities. Jupiter also enters the sign of Aquarius on the 19th where it will be for the next year. Jupiter in Aquarius could bring opportunities through alternative and future-minded projects, and through teaming up with others.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 20th, and the Sun on the 21st, which signals the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This Winter Solstice is quite special in that Jupiter and Saturn also conjunct, a transit that happens every twenty years. This one takes place at 0 Aquarius, inaugurating a 200-year period when the Air element will become the focus of future Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, every twenty years. It also has an optimistic assessment for you that the year to come will offer unusual opportunities in the way of societal interaction. It could also be the beginning of a busier time for you, as an Aries, since your ruler is activated. In this dynamic configuration, Mars in Aries conjuncts Eris, and also squares Pluto. You could connect to deep purpose within which feels like rousing up your competitive spirit and your more significant ambitions for yourself going forward. You could start to feel less compromising as the end of the year approaches while trying to meet all your deadlines. This feeling of urgency or restlessness could carry you all the way to the last few days of the year.

The Full Moon arrives on the 29th in the sign of Cancer shining her bright light into your home sector. This will be a good time to regroup, perhaps take time off work, and spend time with your family if it’s possible. The end of the year brings an emphasis on traditions, and your home. There may be a nostalgic glow permeating the end of 2020. You could find yourself reflecting on the past while planning for a different vision for your future. The Full Moon in Cancer is an exceptional Moon to take stock, to acknowledge what nourishes and sustains you.

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