Earthquake in Japan 2011

This is a big weekend astrology-wise, and one in which we are likely to see further revelations unfold, perhaps even with regard to the world-shaking incidents in Japan. The reason is that when the Full Moon hits, mid-day on Saturday, March 19th, it takes place in the last degrees of Virgo. The Sun is in the last degrees of Pisces, very close (and also exactly parallel) to Uranus at the Aries point – 0 degrees. Meanwhile the Sun and Moon square the nodal axis while Pluto almost exactly squares the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint. As if that weren't already enough, the nodal axis lines up with the galactic center quite closely as well.

Then the next day, with the Spring Equinox of Sunday afternoon and evening, the Sun joins Uranus in Aries. It was when Uranus crossed into Aries, on March 11th, that the massive Japanese earthquake and tsunami took place, in a tragic confirmation of the system of Western signs, so recently called into question by astronomers (not astrologers) looking for a quick sound-bite headline.

What does this mean for our personal lives? We are all increasingly aware that we and the world around us are at the crossroads. There are bridges of development for each one of us that have been in the past too scary or too much trouble to traverse, even though we knew all along that it was exactly what we had to do. The same reluctance to make necessary changes applies in even greater measure for the societal forces holding back from that which must be done, even as the awareness grows minute by minute of changes that must be made.

The time is rapidly approaching when there will simply no longer be that choice; we will have to take the necessary steps to move ourselves to the next level of our personal evolution. And when we do so, we will move the world around us that much closer to where it needs to go.

The entrance of Uranus into Aries a week ago on Friday, March 11th, was predicted to be accompanied by enlightening surprises, and then suddenly it was so, on a massive scale that affected the entire world's economy and perhaps its safety. Already there are hearings here in the United States on whether domestic coastal reactors are safe, in particular those at Diablo Canyon and San Onofre, which are known to be at higher risk from earthquake than was first thought.

This leads one to suppose that the March 20th entrance of the Sun into Aries, in conjunction with both Uranus and the Aries point, is likely to make further waves. It is likely that there will be new developments in the volatile situation with the on-going partial melt-downs of three of the six Japanese reactors at Fukushima.

Although it seems like an act of God, it is also an act of man that is unfolding in Japan. The dangers of the nuclear industry were and are, well-known, but the various countries of the world have proceeded anyway. It is fascinating, also, that Saturday's Full Moon takes place in Virgo-Pisces while the main event is a degree and a half away across the Aries cusp, thus representing a powerful symbol of transition. We are witnessing one more of these transformational events that have become so common lately, the birth-pangs of rising awareness of what we as a civilization have done to our Mother Earth, and what we are continuing to do to her.