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TimePassages Add-ons
TimePassages add-on modules only available with TimePassages Standard or Advanced Editions. They are easy to add on to your current TimePassages astrology software. We will email you an enabling code which will unlock the features in your software. No extra software or installation necessary!
All Report Add-ons

Adds extra built-in interpretations for examining relationships, Solar Return charts, and Astro Maps. These are high quality professional reports which can be printed in full or read on screen with point-and-click ease.

ON SALE NOW for $499.00!

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Relationship Insights Add-on

Gain insight into your relationships with our popular Compatibility and Relationship Reports. This complete Relationship Insights package combines the two add-ons listed below and empowers you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the relationships in your life, including family members, business partners, lovers, and more...

ON SALE NOW for $229.00!

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Compatibility Add-on

Interested in romance? With the addition of the Compatibility Add-On, you get interpretations for the inter-aspects between two charts (synastry), and TimePassages' excellent Compatibility Report, which has been called one of the best on the market by American Astrology magazine.

ON SALE NOW for $129.00!

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Relationship Add-on

Investigate the astrology of the relationship itself, using the powerful composite chart method to explore the fusion of two individual charts.

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Solar Return Add-on

The Solar Return report gives you a reading for the year ahead - from birthday to birthday. These interpretations are extremely well-written, and come from the widely used Solar Return chart technique. This important report is especially useful around the time of your birthday each year, and runs to over 25 pages. These powerful delineations can be used for forecasting the year ahead or for investigating the dynamics of your current year.


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Astro Maps Add-on

With the Asto Maps Add-on, you can display Astro Maps with point-and-click interpretations. Just open a chart and choose Astro Maps from the Display menu.


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Commercial License

Want to make money selling the astrology reports generated with TimePassages? The Commercial License gives you the right to sell TimePassages reports that you've created with the software, as well as several necessary tools for doing so, including exporting chart graphics and saving reports in html format.


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