About AstroGraph Software

In these times of a loss of traditional values, as we perch on the edge of the Aquarian age, it becomes vital that we as a society create new models of the world of Spirit to take us forward, to sustain us in this challenging era. Astrology is such a model. And the AstroGraph website brings you powerful ways to explore the subject of astrology. TimePassages is designed to be a tool for beginning the study of how the Astrological symbolism is put together, and an introduction to a more detailed study of the subject of Astrology itself. In addition, we also offer in-depth Astrology Reports and MyAstroGraph Membership to aid in self-discovery and a more well rounded understanding of astrology.

AstroGraph Software was founded in 1995 by Henry Seltzer, with the publication of the first version of TimePassages Astrology Software. Though our company has grown since then, we remain dedicated to quality in Astrological information, software development and support. TimePassages had been ten years in the making by the time it was released, and has achieved a high level of sophistication and excellence, especially in regard to its interpretation text. The next three years were spent in porting the program to Windows from DOS, as well as improvements on the original design, and providing a Compatibility Report Add-on (developed with the aid of Astrologer Peter Blue Eagle). Another major effort during this period was the creation of a native Macintosh version of the program. To this end, Bob Schumaker was brought in, an accomplished Macintosh developer since 1984. Bringing his many years of Macintosh application development on board has allowed us to bring a unique offering to the Macintosh astrology market. Many people have also helped in the marketing and promotion of TimePassages, among them Michael Baker, Courtney Mullin, Kevin Suggitt, Asia Seltzer, and Jeri Passaro.

Today TimePassages is better and more fully featured than ever. New features made available in our recent versions include Solar Return charts, Lunar Returns, Chart Relocation, a Transit Report which features a sorted list of transits for a 3, 6 or 12-month period, a graphical Transit TimeLine and a fully interactive aspect grid that includes parallel and contra-parallel aspects. The full ACS Atlas is now available as a standard part of the product, fully integrated with the data entry. The Macintosh version, complete with the same set of features as the Windows version of TimePassages, has also been ported to OS X.

TimePassages Astrology Software was developed by Henry Seltzer.

Henry Seltzer

Henry Seltzer has a graduate degree in Linguistics and has studied Computer Science, and attended MIT as an undergraduate, but his real study is Astrology and Tarot. Henry's study of Astrology began with an interest in Jungian psychological symbolism in 1975. He was immediately fascinated by how accurately the planetary patterns reflect individual psychological reality. He believes Astrology is a window from the material world into the spiritual. Because Astrology is based on concrete observable phenomena, and yet makes use of this data in an entirely different way, it forms a bridge between the scientific materialistic world view and that of the Artistic, the Esoteric, and the Spiritual.

Henry began to work within this remarkable field of study, and to share his insights with other people, and in 1985 created the computer program that eventually became TimePassages. His goal was to make generally available the information that Astrology can provide. By making it easier for people to explore their own and other people's charts, or "horoscopes", Henry hoped that anyone could gain greater self-knowledge and also that the world-shaking information that Astrology really does work would spread.

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